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Post by Jinsoku Tenrai on Tue Nov 03, 2009 5:25 pm

Moderation. We totally need to have some more here. I know we have some more Mods here and such but there is so much things that need to be fixed. Or at least reminded.

First of all there are A LOT of topics that have random people just posting in the applications that are not mods or admins, talking to the application creator. Reminder people, if you are not a moderator or an administrator, you CANNOT POST IN THE APPS OF OTHER PEOPLE. Its the same for every site, you should know that. And if you don't, it clearly tells you to read the rules when you first join, if you dont, you not doing your part as a member.

If you see this, mods, you need to tell them or give them a warning to not do that, otherwise it will keep happening.
If you do have a comment about the app or you want to talk to the person, then MESSAGE them. Its really easy, its up on the top right hand side just press messages. That's what its there for.
Just wanted to let you know that. Happy
Jinsoku Tenrai
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