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Bleach REBORN Empty Bleach REBORN

Post by Yuki Black on Mon Jan 11, 2010 10:20 am

Bleach Reborn: A true bleach roleplaying site

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Welcome to the world of Bleach Reborn. Shinigami, Quincy and Hollow fight for supremecy, while the fabled and mysterious Vaizards and Espada battle in the background. Captains cross paths, both old and new, respected and obscure. Humans lend their aid to their chosen side, and the world trembles at the battles.

We are currently looking for active roleplayers to take up a multitude of positions.

(OBSERVE) unlike most other sites this site plays with canon characters (not only) be one of the infamous espada`s such as Nnoitora, Grimmjow or Szayzel or perhaps a Vaizard like Shinji Hirako or Kensei, or maybe you will choose the sides of the shinigami? choose from various captains, vice captains alike be one of the best and fight like one. Join today while positions last!
Yuki Black
Yuki Black

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Bleach REBORN Empty Re: Bleach REBORN

Post by zDragon Himatsu on Tue Jan 12, 2010 11:18 pm

They copied the name from this site??
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