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Post by Tokijin Onigiri on Thu Nov 18, 2010 3:49 am

Name: (Tokijin Onigiri)

Age: (appears to be 13 actuall age is 25)

Gender: (male)

Division: (8th division)

Seat: (3rd seated)

Looks: (He has black hair green eyes wears glasses and swings his sword with his left arm, his hair is very long so often times it is tied back in a ponytail or braided back Chinese style. he is Well built for a man of his stature but not a bodybuilder type.. a sleek ninja assassin type.. he carries himself like a samurai and is a man of Bushido the code of the warrior... very traditional in both the way he speaks and in the way he acts... you rarely will see him step out of line)

Alignment: Lawfull Evil

Personality: ( he carries himself like a samurai and is a man of Bushido the code of the warrior... very traditional in both the way he speaks and in the way he acts... you rarely will see him step out of line.)

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: (Raikotsu)

Zanpaktou Theme: (light/electricity)

Unreleased Zankpaktou Appearance (a pitch black blade that glows with a light blue aura, even when it itself is sheathed it will still glow ominously)

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: (STRIKE RAIKOTSU!)

Released Zanpakuto Looks: (turns into a scythe that glows with a blue current of electricity this electrical power is used to attract objects to himself that he then would exepel outward at violent speeds its secondary effect allows it to generate a bright flash dioreienting his opponets and leaveing them stunned both techniques work well together because his opponet would have a hard time seeing the attack comeing.)

Released Zanpaktou Abilities: (it can magneticly attract anything that is made of metal or a metallic alloy, while in the SS it can attract anything that took reiatsu to create which means everything inside the Soul Society can become his weapon should he choose it to it also has the ability to create bright flashes at times stunning his opponets and makeing them temporarily blinded which gives him openings to his next attack often times he will use this when faced with an equal or greater opponet in order to take advantage of their mistakes..)

Zanpakuto Spirit: (It takes the form of a blonde man half naked with chainmail leggings on and several blades slung on his belt, the blades turn into bolts of lightning when he grabs them and go back to normal blades when he is done.)

Zanpakuto Realm: (a chaotic thunderstorm realm lightning strikeing in diffrent areas at random times and during it all you fight Raikotsu in order to gain your shikai.)

Bankai Information
(This applies to captains, and advanced lieutenants only)

Bankai Name:

Bankai Description: (what happens when you use your bankai, and what abilities go with it)

Bankai Looks: (What your Zanpakuto looks like in Bankai state. This also applies to what changes on your looks when this release is done as well.)


Name: (Hadou number four Byakurai)
Type: (Hadou)
Number: (4)
Incantation: (no incantation)
Element: (Lightning.)
Description: ( fires a bolt of pure lightning at your opponet that gets stronger as you do for example when Byakuya used byakurai it was devastateingly powerfull)


Technique Name: (Bombmakeing)
Technique Type: (Reiatsu Manipulation.)
Degree of difficulty: (Expert)
Description: (Allows him to charge everything he touches with unstable reiatsu should he choose to when this happens the object will exeplode the second it leaves his hands on contact with another object and or person, this allows him to detonate several projectals in a chain useing Raikotsu's sword technique and works well with the said technique)

History and RP Sample

History: (he was a soul that was passed onto the Seireitei after he died during world war two, his personality is very stern and cold because he was a soldier and he can be very ruithless to his enemies.Tokijin was born in the early ninteen thirtys on the tail end of the first world war... the Japanese currently we not involved at the time of the war and many people in his nation were opposed to it in the era he grew up in... unfortuneately that all changed with the rise of hitler... when he was twenty one he rose to the rank of lieutenate in the Japanese army and fought among many other brave warriors, however before the main island of japan was struck he was transferred to Hiroshima a few days before the Atom bomb hit.... he himself was killed instantly in the blast... after he died he wandered the streets of what used to be his base as a Ghost before a Soul reaper came to his aide and saved him. the man was from squad five and told him that if he wanted to live on he should go to the Soul Society and train there as a court gaurd squad member... he was sent there and set about immediately to join the Soul Society... his future is uncertain.. but he will most certainly make it as a trainee... he is very good at swordsmanship and shows great promise as a new rookie. He will take any assignment he is given. in addition to his harshness twoards his enemies he too has a cold demenor, being cruel is almost like that of a pass time of his.)

RP Sample: (*Glanced around the Soul Society takeing it all in he had been told that the place was big but not THIS big* "Well I guess I had better start looking for the Captain Commander." he would walk forward seeing what looked to be the court gaurd squad entrance ahead and stepped through the gate looking around to see if there was someone around who could tell him where to go to begin at the Academy he wore a black trenchcoat sunglasses and camo Jeans which was what he was wearing when he was killed. as he took it all in he saw men walking this way and that in what appeared to be black kimono's he would look exasperated looking at them "its like a freaking Samurai movie!" he thought to himself "havent these people ever heard that the Feudal age ended like eight hundred years ago??" he would continue on moveing to what appeared to be squad one, he could tell by the sign above the doorway. "well here goes nothing..." he thought stepping through into the barracks*)

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Re: Tokijin

Post by Taichou on Thu Nov 18, 2010 10:27 am

The age is ridiculous. You need 6 years of training in the Shinigami Academy to graduate(normally), and it takes time to become a seated officer at that. History would have to be revised as the age is changing.

Then after all that, I'll try to look into the whole thing.

P.S. Try not to use * on RP actions and such... It's not a place where you chat in somewhere and cyber like Gaia (no, for real xD). Also, get rid of the ) and ('s. Kinda distractive in the application.
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