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Akki Konjou [WIP]

Post by Akki Konjou on Thu Feb 03, 2011 10:52 am

size=24]Basic Information[/size]

Name: Akki Konjou

Age: Appears: 16 Actual 210

Gender: Female

Division:Division 11

Seat: Captain

Looks: Akki looks like your average 16 year old girl she has very long blonde hair that reaches down to just behind the knees, Akki has a very gothic look to her with peircings in both ears all the way down them. Her septum and three in her lip. Akki isnt a fan of the Shinigami outfit so likes to do a bit of customising, she is rarely seen without her black head band,fingerless gloves,pendant wrapped around her arm ,spiked bracelet around her forearm and long sleeve with studded bracelet on the other arm.

Akki's Captains uniform is cut off at the arms for easy movement and to show off her stylish accessories as well. Her hair is kept mostly down but depending on her mood she will put it up from time to time.

Alignment: Chaostic good

Personality: Three words can describe Akki best, Stubborn,Crazy,cold

Akki is as stubborn as a mule and refuses to back down even an inch on anything she belives is right and she will do anything to show it, If she fights she will continue no matter her condition, if she argues she will do so until the other person backs down or gives up.

Akki is also slightly mad, she will mutter to herself constantly and has no regard for her own saftey and depending on her mood other around her at times as well, her craziness is best seen best seen in battle where she will charge in without a second thought this coupled with her stubborness makes her a difficult foe and a little unpredicatable

She is also Cold and thinks of mostly herself, those that don't know her however just think she is nasty and doesn't care, but those who do know she has a fear of getting to close to anyone incase she ends up hurting them, although she won't admit this to anyone.

Akki lives for battle and honing her skills as much as possible, she looks to be a role model to those in her squad showing them that division 11 are the strongest and toughest in all of soul society. She cant stand slackers and is more than happy to discipline them herself by what ever means possible.

In her spare time Akki can be found with her Zanpaktou sharpening her skills or sitting some where quiet with a bottle of Sake enjoying the stars in the night sky.

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Cherubal

Zanpaktou Theme: Shadow

Unreleased Zankpaktou Appearance Cherubal looks like an average Kitana

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: Reap their souls Cherubal

Released Zanpakuto Looks:
Cherubal changes into a large scythe when released

Released Zanpaktou Abilities: Cherubal allows Akki the control over shadow, letting her bend it to her will, solidify if so it can damage, and allow her to walk in shadow also. (more in abilities section)

Zanpakuto Spirit: Cherubal is the Spirit of Akki's Zanpaktou, Cherubal can only be described as a demon, Cherubal looks like a man dressed in only a loin cloth, bandages and chains, however on closer inspection he is much more his eyes glow a firey red, he has nub horn on top of his head and is skin is rough almost scaley, His hands end in clawed fingers and his mouth is full of rows of razor sharp teeth.

Zanpakuto Realm: Cherubal's realm is a twisted wasteland that plays with the mind, shapes seem to exist that possibley shouldn't, gravity is messed up, up can become down and vice versa. there are pit falls and traps everywhere in the center is a great maze and in the center surrounded by strange beings on a throne of bones and skulls sits Cherubal himself.

The sun burns constantly making the sky a constant sickly red as it reflects the wastelands red dusty ground and there is a constant smell of rotting flesh and bile. Huge gysers shoot lava high into the air before vanishing as if they were never there.

Bankai Information
(This applies to captains, and advanced lieutenants only)

Bankai Name: oni no papettomasutā Cherubal (demon puppet master Cherubal)

Bankai Description: In bankai Akkis control of shadows becomes stronger allowing her to control more shadows at atime also giving her more abilities to use with them, it also allows her to use some of Cherubals demonic powers (again more in abilities)

Bankai Looks: Akki's scythe becomes more basic in looks but no less dangerous, behind her connect by shadow a ghostly version of cherubal will appear and seeming control Akki like a puppet, It is not know if while in Bankai if Akki or Cherubal is truley in control. Akki's Clothes change slightly also small nu horns like those of cherubal appear on her head and little leathery wings sprout on her back although they are useless.


Akki is unable to use kido of any sort she had never been able to even the smallest kido is beyond her abilities.


Technique Name: Kage no Suteppu (Shadow Step)
Technique Type: Movement
Degree of difficulty: intermediate
Description: Akki can only use this while her Zanpaktou is in Shinkai, This ability allows Akki to step in and out of shadows within a 20 ft radius, since she cannot shunpo this is her version. There has to be a shadow to enter and one to exit, Akki cannot enter and exit the same shadow,

Technique Name:Kage no Muchi (Shadow whip)
Technique Type: Attack
Degree of difficulty: intermediate
Description: Akki can only use this while her Zanpaktou is in Shinkai, This ability allows Akki use a thin sliver to shadow to whip her opponent with, the shadow would have the same effect on a person as a real whip would, in its solidified form the whip can also be easily caught, if the opponent is quick enough

Technique Name:Kage no Nage ya (Shadow dart)
Technique Type: Attack
Degree of difficulty: Intermediate
Description: Akki can only use this while her Zanpaktou is in Shinkai, This ability allows Akki to fire 15 small dart of shadows at the opponent at high speeds, the shadow is sharp enough and fast enough to pierce skin, however if a person is fast enough or skilled enough with a blade the shadow darts can be dodged or deflected with a blade.

Technique Name:Kage no Ketsugou (Shadow Binding)
Technique Type: Attack
Degree of difficulty: Expert
Description: Akki can only use this while her Zanpaktou is in Banki, This ability allows Akki to wrap her opponent in shadow like a mummy and bind them in place leaving to options if the binding is not released within 6 posts the opponent will suffocate or it leave Akki time to follow up with a one shot move that only works on hollows known as kage no kurasshu or Shadow crushing. The shadow binding can be broken by someone attacking Akki which will make her loose her hold or by forcing out enough reitsu to over power the binding only lieutenants or above will have enough reistu for this.

Technique Name:Kage no Kurasshu (Shadow Crushing)
Technique Type: Attack
Degree of difficulty: Expert
Description: Akki can only use this while her Zanpaktou is in Banki, This ability is coupled with the Shadow binding and will only work against Hollows while bound in place with Shadow binding Akki then then force the shadows to crush the hollow until the only thing left is dust, this technique isn't perfect and Akki has only used it once before and it didn't work it only caused minor breaks in the hollows bones which it could easily heal.

Technique Name:Oni no Sokudo (Demon Speed)
Technique Type: Movement
Degree of difficulty: Master
Description: Akki can only use this while her Zanpaktou is in Bankai. This ability gives Akki unbelievable speed, in the blink of an eye she can cover several yards, it boosts her attack speed and movement speed, almost like Shunpo but faster, This ability is taxing though and can only be used to 3 posts.

Technique Name:Akuma Teki na Shoyuu Butsu (Demonic Possession)
Technique Type: Unknown
Degree of difficulty: Master
Description: This isnt so much an ability as Akki letting Cherubal take control while in Bankai and when Akki can no longer stand or stay concious Cherubal will take control of her body, there is no change in her abilities but she goes mad, attacking without remorse and using her scythe in unpredicatble ways (Similar to how Hollow Ichigo uses Zangetsu in Ichigo's inner world) Akki is yet to experiance and has little knowledge of it she fears it it happens she will never regain control so tries her hardest to not enter a state where Cherubal can take over.

History and RP Sample

Birth Arc
Akki was born in the district 80 in north Rukongai, She never knew her father and was brought up by her mother, district 80 was a rough district with constant violence and crime it was hard for a single parent or any parent to bring up their child without fear of them not making it past their first birthday. Akki's mother did what she had to just to get by, she stole if they got hungry and fought to defend herself and her baby from the prying hands of the other district residents. The problem was it was far to hard to do all this while lugging a new born around with her so her mother made a hard decision and dumped a 2 week old Akki in a small side street several blocks from their house. A lone baby in one of the roughest parts of Soul Society has no chance, so it was sheer luck that an old man found her screaming and took her home to his wife. Of course since she was only a couple of weeks old Akki wouldn't have know that the old man that had found her was the head of a small time crime gang that terrorised district 80 north Rukongai.
So without a choice Akki was going to be raised by criminals.

Age 5-10 Arc
Time flew and Akki grew up with the only people she knew to call Mother and Father, at the age of 5 her father, the old man who saved her entered her room while she was staring out of the window and told her it was time she learnt the family business, if she wanted to stay she had to earn her keep.

Akki was lead outside where a small group of kids had gathered at the head of the group was a teenage or around 15, he was punching a much smaller kid to the ground, Akki hid behind her father but was told that the small kid hadn't done his job so was being punished, Akki was quickly introduced to the Teenager his name was Ruy, he was in charge of this gang of Kids know as the Street Rats, their job was to mug and steal, making money for the higher ups, The old man bent down in front of Akki and placed and hand on her head.
"Now Akki just because you are my daughter don't think you are going to get any special treatment you do as Ruy tells you or you will end up like that little brat over there" he said softly pointing to the badly beaten kid that Ruy had punished earlier.

Akki nodded to her father and went to Ruy's side, Ruy partnered her up with a kid 2 years older than her, Ruy nodded and the group broke up, Akki followed the boy who was called Shin. Shin quickly talked Akki through what they were going to do they were going to District 2, which was a little better off, Akki would distract people by looking as though they knocked her down and Shin would mug them. It paid off and by the end of the day their pockets were full. They returned to Ruy smiling and laughing. Their smiles dropped as they approached Ruy was standing over a girl who was about Akki's age, her face was swollen and bleeding from several cuts and in Ruy's hand was a knife dripping with blood.

"And let that be a lesson to you all, don't bring nothing back, don't live long" Ruy laughed and then went back to collecting the rest of the days Takings.

two years passed and Akki was moving up in the gang, she worked with Shin, they became inseperable the best of friends. They were both became known as the Streets Rats Golden Duo Ruy had never beaten either of them and Akki and Shin never gave him a reason to. Until one day while in district 1 right next to Seretei. It was the usual set up but in reverse Akki had bumped the last 3 people so it was Shin turn but their target turned out to be the wrong one this time. Shin charged into the target a woman,Shin fell down, cut his knee with a small bit of glass and started crying while Akki snuck up behind and stole what ever he had on him. The target spun round and grabbed her by the wrist. Akki had been caught, The woman was wearing a black uniform it was then that Shin cried out

"Akki get away thats a Shinigami, let her go god damb you"

The Shinigami threw Akki to the ground and walked away. Akki was pretty bruised but not bad off but they sun was getting low and there was no one else around The Street Rats Golden Duo had failed and Ruy would not stand for it, with their heads hung they walked back slowly.

Ruy not standing for it was an understatement, he was furious he lunged straight for Shin and grabbed him by the throat, hefting him up while pummling his face with his other hand. Shin screamed out and Ruy pulled his knife and slipped it between Shin ribs and dropped him in a pool of his own blood, then Ruy spun on Akki, he thrust knife hand first but Akki was quicked she grabbed Ruy's wrist and twisted the knife out of it. What no one knew is since that day 2 years ago when Ruy had killed that girl Akki had trained and trained and honed her skills in fighting just in case and now she was mad, her best friend in the world had just been killed because of her. Ruy swung with his fist but Akki rolled out of the way and grabbed the knife and swung, slicing Ruy's throat the big teenage bully went down with a gurgled scream.
Akki didn't stop there she jumped on Ruy's body and stabbed and stabbed and stabbed. Then she blacked out as something struck her from behind, the last thing she heard was her fathers voice.

"Disappoinment girl, you are not my daughter any longer"
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