Ardere Kasai 5th Division Captain

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Ardere Kasai 5th Division Captain

Post by TheFireKing101 on Mon Aug 22, 2011 4:32 pm

Basic Information

Name: Ardere Kasai
Age: 175
Gender: Male
Division: 5th
Looks: He is 6ft tall, wears a regular soul reaper uniform under his captain uniform but the captain uniform's sleeves are cut off, he wears his zanpaukto on his left side, he has red hair, amber eyes, and carrys himself well. He appears to be in his early 20's.
Personality: Ardere is brave,curious,adventurious, serious when it comes to battle, kills evil only. He fights for the soul society so he can protect the people who are still alive. He is very strong and wise which made him a great candidate for being captain.

He likes to be alone when stressed out so he can process his feelings. He loves to listen to music, it helps him concentrate, calms him down, gets him ready for a fight, and gives him his best ideas.

He likes the element fire, it is warm and makes big explosions which he loves. He knows how to use his zanpaukto and is a very skilled swordsman, and fire master. He knows how to use his powers well.

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Kaji Da Tatsu
Zanpaktou Theme: Fire
Zankpaktou Appearance About 50 inches long, dragon head on but, red scabbard, spiked handguard, and a dragon edged into the blade.
Zanpakuto Release Phrase: " Scortch the skies Kaji Da Tatsu
Zanpaktou Abilities: Allows the user to manipulate fire and heat in any way they can imagine.
Shikai: ardere materializes a flaming dragn that looks like Kaji Da Tatsu and can control it.
Bankai: Ardere grows 4 dragon wings, a gauntlet appears on his left arm, he gets a spikey tail, and his spiritual pressure raises immensely. Since he can manipulate fire he can create moves in the middle of a battle if he has the energy to use them. He uses some moves that include:

Hi no uzu, Fire vortex: A giant flaming vortex opens up below the enemy and starts suckign things in and incenerating them.

Hi-dama, Fireball: Ardere fires a giant flaming fireball at his opponent.

Hi no ame, Fire Rain: ardere calls down a storm of fire over the battlefield.

Zanpakuto Spirit: Kaji Da Tatsu is a flaming dragon that is about 100 ft long, his personality is similar to Ardere's which makes them get along very well.
Zanpakuto Realm: The realm when they converse is usually inside a volcano and they sit on a larger piece of rock in the middle of the magma to talk.

History and RP Sample

History: Ardere was born to Rio and Sakura Kasai, a middle class family living in tokyo. His mother and father owned a blacksmith shop. He lived to be 1 until one night he was attacked by a creature called a hollow he tryed to defend his parents from it and and he did. The hollow burnt their house down killing his parents but he was killed by the hollow itself. A soul reaper killed the hollow and performed a konso on him.

His parents went to the afterlife but Ardere was sent to a place called the soul society where he trained for years to become a soul reaper. He was first put into 11th Division for a while. He then found his true fire abilities and became a soul reaper in a 5th division , he went on many missions and was honored in the soul society, then his captain betrayed the soul society and Ardere was nominated to take his place as captain. He is now serving as captain and has likes this new position.

RP Sample: -Ardere was running across the rooftops and finally foudn what he was lookign for...a hollow, he unleashed his zanpaukto calling out,

" Scortch the skies Kaji Da Tatsu"

-A flaming dragon flew at the hollows head smashing it and killing the hollow.-

"Well that wasnt very hard"

-Ardere sheathed his zanpaukto and headed back to the soul society, he walked through the portal to find no greeting so he made hsi way to his quarters in the 5th Division barracks.-

"I might as well take a little nap"

-Ardere layed back on his mat and softly fell asleep-


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