Infraction System

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Infraction System

Post by Bleach Reborn on Mon Feb 17, 2014 7:38 pm

Infraction System

Here on Bleach Reborn we work with users on an infraction system. Any time a rule is broken a moderator or admin will decide whether corrections are necessary or not. At this point in time you will be pm'ed with the following.

  • The date: DD/MM/YYYY
  • The rule broken:
  • A Description of how you broke the rule:
  • The punishment:

This is pretty self explanatory but if you break a rule you will be informed about it and you will be given infraction points or a warning. We do not warn often, you are expected to know the rules and follow them.

If you are given infraction points you will be notified of it. The minimum you can get is 2 the maximum is 10. If ten points are actively against your account you will be banned for one week. The more points you have, the longer your ban. Points will expired based on how many were given at once but usually last a week or two, five at the most. And are recorded by the mods and admins. If you are deemed to be a problem user the bans you receive will become longer until the staff decide they no longer wish to have you on the site. This is the extremely last resort folks. We do not enjoy permanently banning people from the site. We like being able to call ourselves a carefree and enjoyable site but we have rules in place to ensure that no one person is singled out for anything.

If you are curious about the amount of points active on your account you may privately message an admin and they will be able to look and tell you how many points are against your account.
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