Mission/Event System

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Mission/Event System

Post by Bleach Reborn on Mon Feb 17, 2014 7:42 pm

This is the mission system for the site.

In order to acquire points for roleplay and advance your character you will be required to complete missions and events. These are established before a topic is made and  outline what must occur within a topic for it to be classed as a mission.

Missions can be one of five ranks. 1-5

These numbers represent the difficulty and points gained from a mission.

  • Rank 1 mission yields 1 point for the point system on top of whatever your evaluation for the topic yields. It is also simple to complete usually entailing that a specific hollow or problem be dealt with. Rank 1 missions have a required minimum word count of 800 words This mission type is solo class meaning only you are posting in the topic. This type is only available to Quincy, Fullbring and Shinigami classes.
  • Rank 2 yields 2 points and is usually a multiple target mission with some degree of difficulty. It has a minimum word count of 1000 words (from all participants) and is a dual class mission meaning it cannot be solo'd and you -must- have an rp partner with you. This type is available to all classes.
  • Rank 3 yields 3 points and is usually a multiple objective mission. This means you will likely be defending something, trying to obtain something or trying to kill something or some combination of the three. This is a multiple person topic type requiring on moderator or admin to play an enemy role. Minimum word count for these topics is 1350 words total from all persons involved. (up to three) This type is available to all classes.
  • Rank 4 yields four points and presents danger to your character. Your character may die in this mission type. There will be no reversal of killings either, if you are killed, you will be required to make a new character. This type will include all aspects of rank 3 with the exception that in a moderator or admin's place another member of the board can fill in the enemy role. Minimum word count total per person for this mission type is 1700 words. Up to four people may be involved in a topic of this type.
  • Rank 5 poses the most danger to a character and more than likely one character will die per mission of this type. These missions are usually done to deal with a character presenting some sort of danger to an organization. While it is possible for a mission to end without a character dying it is unlikely as many of this mission types require a character to be killed for points to be given. All parties involved in this topic must be in agreement to starting this mission type before hand. Minimum word count for this type is 2500 words from each person, plus 800 words per person involved above 2 people. IE, a three person topic would require 3300 words per person and a four person, 4100 etc. or until the objective is accomplished. These types are open to all classes.

  • As well as these mission types there are also “World Events” in which a certain event will take place, attacking soul society, invading hueco mundo, mass hollow spawning within a city etc. These events are worth point to all people involved and will have word count minimums and point values posted with them in the even description. Class availability varies on a case to case basis.
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