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Chatbox Rules

Post by Bleach Reborn on Mon Feb 17, 2014 7:43 pm

Chatbox Rules

These rules apply to the site chatbox and should be obeyed when on the chatbox at all times.

Chatbox Uses

The Chatbox is there primarily so that you all may converse with one another without clogging up the forums with spam thread after spam thread. As such you can talk about most anything you want so long as it falls in with the rules.

You may also use it to converse about the site, such as why you think some topics need to be double-checked or work out a problem with your creations or even to just ask questions to help you RP or finish up your creations. Note that if you intend to ask a member of the staff lengthy/many questions it would be best to Private Chat them so that others conversing on the main chat are not confused by your postings. Additionally, if the vast majority of the users on the chatbox are talking about a specific problem on the site at the time you log in please refrain from posting unrelated items as it could be a serious matter and your comments may just provoke the growing flames (as most discussions tend to create). (But this should not be used to tell the staff to check your items.)

One simple rule to remember about these: Don't overuse them. If you begin to overuse them you'll be warned and if the problem continues you may be banned for the hour or the day.

We don't mind you giving out links on the chatbox, but again these must be not conflict with the site rules. (I.e. No porn links, virus infected links, etc.) And voiding this rule can lead to a ban. Nor are you to fill the chatbox with links either. That too is pointless.

Peers & Staff

Respect yourself, your peers, and the staff. There may be times when someone posts something and you can't help but think 'What the heck?', but don't be mean and call them an idiot outright. No one knows everything, and no one ever will. And there will be times when you don't agree with everyone else, but that doesn't mean you should yell and curse at them either. Stay calm, get away from the site for awhile, come back later when you're not as angry, work it out.

Race, Religion, & Gender
Do not use degrading racial, religiously intolerant, extreme sexist words or images outside of Role Plays as everyone here comes from different places in the world and we all have different backgrounds and beliefs. Doing so can lead to an immediate ban without warning.

Flaming & Provocation
You are not to 'flame' others. (Flaming refers to pointless points saying things along the lines of 'that's stupid, you're an idiot, that doesn't make sense, etc. or constantly telling someone that what they're doing is wrong or giving negative comments excessively.) In all negative comments you must be able to explain why you think said thought or idea is wrong or 'pointless' in a way that does not provoke others into arguing with you/causing unnecessary problems.


Generally, overall the chatbox is rated PG-13. That means that all posts must be at or below a PG-13 level. This applies to word descriptions, images, etc. Under no circumstances are you to disregard this rule. So what about swear words? You can swear occasionally, but not excessively. (Cursing two or three times a line would be okay, but to do so ten or twenty times will be considered excessive.)
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