Aoiharu's New Tech! ( WiP - an extreme WiP xD )

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Aoiharu's New Tech! ( WiP - an extreme WiP xD )

Post by Aoiharu on Mon Aug 10, 2009 11:14 pm

Technique's name:White Palm Explosion

User of the Technique: Aoiharu

Technique Learners: Only Aoiharu

Creator/ Master: Created by Aoiharu when she was messing around one day with her Chi Fingers and spirt energy. Figured out how to make the spirt energy explode.

Skill Level Technique: Advanced

Level of Technique Rank: W.P.E ( White Palm Explosion ) is sorta an "upgrade" of Chi Fingers (Original tech.) Instead of her spirt energy around her hand, it's concentrated in the middle of her palm. Forming a small ball of spinning energy ( Think resangan for looks, but less spinny and more glowy) Usually What will happen is when it become concentrated enough, it will shoot out, like a huge bullet, and go in a line to it's target. Upon contact of it, the target will be hit with raw energy.Usually ending in flesh wounds. If Aoi can concentrate hard enough on the W.P.E, the hit will sometimes break bones.

Description: Stengths- A more power attack, using a more advanced style. When Aoi builds up speed, can become faster, also.
Weakness- Can only fly in a straight line (thats teh biggest one) Also, takes a momment or two to build up power.
What it does to the opponet- On a direct hit, can cause minor to major wounds (Depends on the strength of the WPE and where it his and also, how fast it's going.) Can break bones, cause internal bleeding, or a couple of brusies. Usually, it hurts.
Range- Medium to Long Range

History: Saturday morning. The sky was a pristine blue as clouds lazily crawled over the horizon. Aoi's back bumped her side as her black converse shoe's made a light tump on the rocky ground in the woods. Jogging though, her laced knee-lengh skirt flew around her legs as Aoi headed into the dense woods. Arrving at it's heart, Aoi stumbled to a stop in a clearing.

Looking ahead, Aoiharu's blue-sliver eyes scaned the area. About fifty-feet across, the ground was littered with a thick, moist, green grass that was like a thin layer of sponge under her shoes. In the middle were a patch of trees. Each having branches intertwined with anothers. They were a moderate size; not to big, not to small. To the right was a small ditch, that lead into a darker portion of the woods. To the left was the beginnings of a small stream that lead into the forest again.

Walking to the middle, Aoiharu set her bag down. It landed with a tump, it's contents now settling into their temporary postion while Aoi figured out this new.. power she had recently aquirred. Placing her hands on her hips, Aoiharu blew a strand of hair out of her eyes. Blinking for a long time, she turned on her heel and lefted her palm up; it facing a random, defenseless tree on the other side of the clearing.

' Okay... Lets see what this thing really is...It's different from my Chi Fingers... More powerfull. Faster. Better. I have to figure it out.' She thought with a hint of determaination in her voice.

Closing her eyes, she focused energy into the middle of her palm, imagaing what it was like last time. She felt it building up, starting to form. It's power surged through her veins as she squinted her eyes tighter. Yes. This is it. This is what she felt! This i- " Hey Aoi! "

" GAH! " Aoi's eyes shot open, as she jumped and fell back. Landing on her back, she groaned as she rasied a shaky hand to her forehead. " Hey.. you okay.. Why'd you jump?" Akito stood over her, his dark blue-ish hair in his eyes, slightly covering his orange glasses. Ever since he killed himself, and became a ghost, or Shinigami he would appar at the most random of times sometimes. But, Aoi didn't mind.. though, this time WAS alittle inconvinent.

Peeking from her shaded eyes, Aoi looked at Akito with mild-play-irritation. " Hey.. Why'd you pop outta no where like that? " He laughed alittle as he held out a hand to help her up. Allowing him to, she brushed her knees once she was up and looked at Akito again, this time thinking.

" .....What? " Aoi smirked and waved her hand dismissively.

" Oh.. nothing, nothing.. I just need alittle help, Aki-chii..." Akito, at this time knew, that he should of choosen a better time to come and visit his earth-bound friend.

Half an hour later, Akito had a thin layer of sweat on his forehead as he dogded, yet another, wild spirt energy ball. It's blue-green glow flew past him in a blur as he leaned back, dogding it's straight path. By a hair.

" Okay... Aoi, i think you got it. Plus... i can't dogde these things forever.. and i doubt the trees like being blasted away....and neither do i" mumbling the last part, Akito stood up and walked to Aoi.

Aoiharu, stared at her hands. Her light blonde-brown hair covered her eyes and face. Akito blinked, wondering what was wrong. Suddenly, her head shot up as she grinned and yelled.

" YAY! I GOT IT AKITO! YAY! ... hmmm what to name this new tech..... How about.. WHITE PALM EXPLOSION! " Aoi, while happy with the new name, Akito just sighed and expected nothingless from his human friend...


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Re: Aoiharu's New Tech! ( WiP - an extreme WiP xD )

Post by Arthas on Mon Aug 17, 2009 11:26 pm

it looks to me like youre finished.. anything else you want to add?
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Re: Aoiharu's New Tech! ( WiP - an extreme WiP xD )

Post by Sith on Tue Aug 18, 2009 11:32 am


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Re: Aoiharu's New Tech! ( WiP - an extreme WiP xD )

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