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Post by Hino Z. on Fri Aug 21, 2009 9:11 pm

What is this forum about?
This forum is about the Naruto Series, it's an RPG forum, It's about in the life of the Naruto world. The description is to Start you way as a ninja.You work your way up to become the best. Don't like your village, join the Akatsuki or go Rouge to be a missing ninja.

Who runs the site?
We have gotten 3 admins and we wish to get 4 admins and 6 mods. The current owner of the forum is the NBoL Admin, The current people who run the forum are Lark,WhoDidWhat [ me ] and Gaia. There will be a staff contest to see who gets the job

Are all the villages opened?
No, Due to lack of memebrs we decided to only open Kirigakure and Konhagakure.

Forum looks cool, When can I start Rolplaying?
Any time you watn, this forum is Exp. Based and level based, the more missions you achieve the more levels you rank up. it's a very fun forum and I hope you join it.

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