NaruGods RPG - Bleach Reborn's new Afflitate!

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NaruGods RPG - Bleach Reborn's new Afflitate!

Post by .Zane-kun on Thu Oct 01, 2009 6:14 pm

╓NaruGods RPG - A New Naruto RPG.╖

From a new view of land, new views in both Religion, such as Janshinism, and other related religion, have ruled over the continent as the slow dark waves of corrupted chakra surged over the world. It infected hundreds of Shinobi and Kunochi with a disease known as 'Zentaramos.' Known as the 'Dark Virus'. It causes anyone afflicted with it's dark nature, to lose any element they own, and replace with a dark, black version of those elements. It wasn't a bad thing until the Virus was discovered to cause insanity in the afflicted, and turn this said person into a demonic figure of pure darkness.

What will you become?

Will you survive the Black Plauge?

Fine out, in NaruGods RPG.

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