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Post by Mizaki on Tue Oct 20, 2009 9:53 pm

Long ago, south of Gondowon. A large mansion was built, a wealthy family lived there with perfect bliss. The Lord of the mansion was a gambler, which later in his life became his one and only love. He betted away his money and everything he had, including his home.

The man who won it didn't know what to do with it, so he let it collect dust for many of years. Until one of his children inherited it from him. His son then turned it into a Academy for adepts like himself. He passed it down to his nephew Mizaki. So then the school become known for its prowess for students who are adepts.

Students where to be sent letters of this academy, or, a representative would go and meet with the student personally and bring them back. The letter went like this:

Dear Future Student,
It is in my great pleasure to give you a message of learning. I want to welcome you to my humble school of Weyard Academy. If you please, come to Gondowon and wait by the inn, so then we may send a carrier to pick you up and bring you to my humble Academy.

Signed: Headmaster Gaia

For years the students where happy with the education they received, some even turned into teachers. But now, its a new generation of students....what will happen this year?

Basically, its a school for Adepts who need to learn to control their power.
Its relatively new, so you might be the only one on for a while...but be patient

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