Banshee's Cry  and Inversion Impuls (reapply) Miniav12-1 Banshee's Cry  and Inversion Impuls (reapply) Miniav12-1 Banshee's Cry  and Inversion Impuls (reapply) Miniav12-1 Banshee's Cry  and Inversion Impuls (reapply) Miniav12-1

Banshee's Cry and Inversion Impuls (reapply)

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Banshee's Cry  and Inversion Impuls (reapply) Empty Banshee's Cry and Inversion Impuls (reapply)

Post by Kyouichi on Sun Dec 13, 2009 9:15 pm

Name of Character:Kyouichi Utsume

Current Rank:Rank 5 Quincy

Current Spritual Pressure: 60

User of Techn: Kyouichi Utsume

Name Of Techn:Banshee's Cry

Tech Skill Level: Master, self taught (one time use)

Small Summary:When fired the arrow comes out as a blackish blue crystallized reishi arrow that when it breaks it exsplode's into what would look like a sonic boom.

Description: The arrow is filled with highly amounts of compresses air and when the arrow explodes it’s first ability is emits a extremely high pitched sound in the form of a wave that has a high frequency that sounds like rechide screaming/crying and inhuman sounds that’s able to weaken and possibly shoot through or cut through reishi barriers and impacts or blast, that has a range of 10 feet that the sound waves can be carried, but can increase the range to 20 feet. The cause of its ability to weaken reishi flow or spiritual pressure impacts is because the sound frequency that it emits, vibrates extremely fast (like a saw, but way much faster), and disrupts the energy flow, eating away and stealing bits of the reishi energy as it cuts through it making the sound waves stronger and using pieces of the enemies own energy against them. the arrow can be used for defensive and offensive purposes, its defensive purpose is to be able to break through kido techniques and blast, and breaking barriers’, from its ability to, such as blast if the enemy or enemies are within the blast radius it can causes them internal injury from the sound waves the arrow emits and immobilizes them, because their injured or covering up their ears to try to avoid the harsing sounds of the sound waves to the body.

Down side to technique: The problem with the technique is even Kyouichi can get hit by the sound wave frequency the arrow emits when it exsplodes if he is to close to its radius, and one of a few ways an enemy can get pass this depends if it’s too powerful to fully break or cut through/ hold back.

History:Kyouichi had been fascinated by spiders his whole life and loved to watch then and one day he observed a spider on it’s web and began to study it and its structure and how a web works, from what Kyouichi knew if a insect touches a spiders web it sends vibrations to the spider telling it that dinner has arrived and its trapped, and found out that spiders use their webs and their webs vibration to help them hunt and to know if there is prey in their, ever since then Kyouichi grew more interest on how sound and vibrations work, and how sound and vibrations can keep going and how they can injure a persons body (ei: how the sounds and vibrations effect the eardrums and organs) and how to use it defensively. Kyouichi practiced this technique many times on many different Hollows, and against his brother while training, trying to perfect it and use it effectively, Kyouichi discovered that how far and strong the arrow and its sound wave frequency can travel is by the arrows trajectory and strength he puts into it and discovered that it can be very bad to be hit by the arrow and have the sound waves go off at the same time.

OOC: This techinque was aprroved by arthas but i have to reapply for it again, but its in the archievid thing and says that its approved but i dont know since im confused alittle bit

Name of Character:
Kyouichi Utsume

Current Rank: 5 Quincy

Current Spiritual Pressure:156

Name of Tech: Inversion Impulse

Tech Skill Level: expert, self taught

Small Summary:

Kyouichi has the ability to sometimes go into a altered state of being, or as such would call it going into berserk, and he experiences inhuman urges eventually became insane from its effects when this happens, he loses half of his ability for a conscious thought and becomes like a monster with only the mind to kill and consume others or just slaughter his enemies depending if his will is strong enough to control these impulses.

While he is in this state he shows physical different characteristics to his body (Such as his left eye changers from a black color to a red color) and gains capabilities beyond his normal abilities, but at the expense of also suffering from the instinctual behavior associated with the source of their power.

In this state he is able to fire black purplish arrows that appear as a crystalized arrow ( much like shattered skies but a diffrent color) and when they break apart in turns into smaller arrows and when they hit their target they can set it ablaze.

History:Throughout Kyouichi’s whole life after he was hit in the eye by his brothers arrow he began to exhibit different symptoms or a type of berserker type state and began to attack and attempt to kill anything that came across his path. This first appeared when he encountered his first hollow after it had killed a neighbors’ kid, all he could do was look at all the blood that was gushing from the kids body and hearing the bone crushing sound coming from it, soon Kyouichi’s body began to shake and converge and soon his mind went blank, when he came to he was standing over the hollows body with blood all over his body and face. The symptoms first seemed to have died down until he was out one night fighting a hollow and accidently killed his first best friend in a blind rage when he was saw him when he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

When Kyouichi felt himself becoming more and more insane and attacking his friends he became afraid and began to look for any and all help as to what was happening to him, for a few months he found out that his symptoms only appear when an spiritual phenomenon or when he is near strange and different energy’s ( such as advanced humans, shinigami, ect.), after he learned this he began to learn how to control these impulses and use them toward his advantage. Later in life he was shot in the eye by a reishi arrow from his brother and destroyed his left eye, but during his recuperation his left eye grew back but a different color it was a bluish color instead of hazel his normal eye color, the reasons behind how it was able to grow back still remine a mystery, but because it hit his eye it seemed to have damage his memory and/or nerves it gave him the ability to activate the berserk state willingly, but there are occasions when he can’t complety control them and they take over for a short time. It’s also noted that it’s stealing power from the quincy’s final form making the final form weaker from each use.

Quick Summary: Long story short it’s a berserk state that increases his stats and lets him use a different ability with his arrows that’s basically it

Stat Bonus: + 5 my strength, +5 to speed, and + 5 to stamina, -5 away from my accuracy.

This one was approved by kou but needs to be reapplied for, and its also in archieved and says approved so i dont know what i have to do

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Banshee's Cry  and Inversion Impuls (reapply) Empty Re: Banshee's Cry and Inversion Impuls (reapply)

Post by Taichou on Mon Dec 14, 2009 6:00 am

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