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Post by Mizuhame on Thu Dec 17, 2009 2:15 pm

Name: Makkura - (Total Darkness)

Type: Bakudo-Binding

Number: 90

Element: Space

Incantation: "Engulfed by the unknown, we fall into oblivious. Search not with empty eyes for are forgotten and bare no reality."

Description: After reciting the needed incantation, the user will form a small black sphere the size of a baseball floating above his hand. Lifting his hand as if to toss it, the ball will quickly grow in size, encasing both the user and everyone else, creating a void in space. The void only exists as long as the user wills it too or if he happens to become seriously injured, in either circumstance the void collapses and dissipates.

The void is limitless meaning that is someone stood in front of of the user and ran away from him, they would soon find themselves behind him. The same is for the outer walls. Anyone outside of the void that runs into it, would come out the other side without passing through it, acting as if it was not even there. Nothing can escape or enter in any way, including Garganta, for it is a rift in time and space.

This Kido basically traps bot the user and his enemy in a separate dimension in which they can fight without harming anyone else.


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