SPC techniques (Kyuushi and Sousuke) Miniav12-1 SPC techniques (Kyuushi and Sousuke) Miniav12-1 SPC techniques (Kyuushi and Sousuke) Miniav12-1 SPC techniques (Kyuushi and Sousuke) Miniav12-1

SPC techniques (Kyuushi and Sousuke)

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SPC techniques (Kyuushi and Sousuke) Empty SPC techniques (Kyuushi and Sousuke)

Post by DewBunny on Tue Aug 11, 2009 7:03 pm

SPC stands for Six Points Convergence. the SPC consist of twelve points 6 expansion points and six focal points

Name: Prime Guardian's Shield

Type: Expansion Point

Number: 51

Element: No element

Incantation: Shelter me in your iron embrace smothering all resistance

Description: Creates a nearly unbreakable shield around the user bloking out everything including air. if the user doesn't release this technique in three posts they suffocate

Name: Gemini's secret

Type: Expansion Point

Number: 52

Element: N/A

Incantation: Replicate your twins designs, Hidden from all who watch

Description: Creates a clone with half of the user's powers, any damage dealt to the clone comes back to the user when the technique is released.

Name: Guardian's Force

Type: Focal Point

Number: 53

Element: Wind

Incantation: Blow swiftly uprooting all who stand before you

Description: User says the incantation and three orbs appear. these orbs slam into each other and form a fourth orb with the user cuts with their sword unleashing hurricane force winds.

Name: Four Sapphire Walls

Type: Expansion Point

Number: 54

Element: N/A

Incantation: Purge my path of enemies and explode outwards

Description: User says the incantation and turns on their heel as four walls materialize. user will stab the ground causing the walls to explode outwards.

Name: Black Fire Explosion

Type: Focal Point

Number: 55

Element: Fire

Incantation: Burn it all to the ground and sear the ashes

Description: users says the incantation and draws a circle in front of them with their sword tip(s) in the circle five orbs appear and form five lines to the center. when the lines meet the circle collapses into the center and a burning black orb is formed. the user will stab this sending a huge black flame at the target. anything the flame touches begins burning

Name: Six Black Spears

Type: Focal Point

Number: 56

Element: Water/Ice

Incantation: Erode with hatred and skewer with ice

Description: user forms six orbs which melt and flow into a seventh orb which elongates and freezes before flying after the target

Name: Seven Guardian's Light

Type: Focal Point

Number: 57

Element: Light

Incantation: Shine brightly revealing my path, Burn it's image into another's mind

Description: User forms seven orbs which collapse in and radiate blinding light. lasts one post (user's and opponents)

Name: Divine Lotus

Type: Expansion Point

Number: 58

Element: N/A

Incantation: Blossom in the spring and shelter in the winter

Description: User says the incantation and is engulfed in a large Lotus bloom any attack that hits the bloom is redirected out at the same angle and force it hit with.

Name: Nine Dragons Alliance

Type: Expansion point

Number: 59

Element: fire/physical

Incantation: wake in the night and rule in the skies, burn my enemies to the ground with your fiery wrath!

Description: user says the incantation and nine orbs appear. the user touches the orbs with his/her swords. each orb touched explodes into a large spectral dragon with a skull for a head. each dragon lasts one post and can bash the enemy or blast them with fire

Name: Black Lightning Strike

Type: Focal Point

Number: 60

Element: Lightning/Cero

Incantation: Burn through the enemy's heart and sound out their pain

Description: User forms ten orbs with the incantation which collapse into one orb. the urb either punches this or grabs it and aims it to unleash a black cero-like blast of black lightning

Name: Eleven Guardian's Divine Retribution

Type: Expansion point

Number: 61

Element: N/A

Incantation: crash down and explode

Description: user forms ten orbs around them and creates one in front of them. the ten outer orbs link in a circle with a line spreading back to the user's orb. the outer ring expands up to two hundred feet away from the user in all directions. when the circle expands a spectral wall is formed. any soul that touches the wall suffers the effect of the technique. the effect is that any damage dealt to the user is given to the souls caught in the technique. doesn't differentiate friends and foes.

Name: 12 Guardian's Fiery Nova

Type: Expansion Point

Number: 62

Element: Fire/Earth

Incantation: Fall from the heavens and slam into the earth, explod outwards melting all in your fiery wrath

Description: Users forms twelve orbs around them which sink into the ground with the incantation. the user strikes the ground with their fist causing a ripple outwards in the earth. the ripple heats up until it becomes a wave of Lava reaching ten feet high and expanding from the center for a hundred feet. lava cools in one post


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SPC techniques (Kyuushi and Sousuke) Empty Re: SPC techniques (Kyuushi and Sousuke)

Post by Koujetsu Hanagayu on Fri Aug 14, 2009 8:45 pm

Approved unless otherwise noted.

SPC techniques (Kyuushi and Sousuke) Caranore
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