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Post by Aki on Tue Aug 18, 2009 4:32 am

Technique's name: Earthbound Protection

User of the Technique: Aki

Technique Learners: Only Aki can use this power

Creator/ Master: Self taught

Skill Level Technique: Advance

Level of Technique Rank: Upon casting this darkness mist gathers around the caster then forms together in front for their body into a large crystal that is the twice the height and width of the one using it. The newly formed jewel is that of a bright violet shine that can light up room with the light it emits from it, shaped muck like a large diamond like stone that hovers over the ground by an inch as not to touch. After the stone is formed it will shatter into itself and send forth seven large pieces of itself flying at dagger like projectiles (Size of any common hunter’s knife) from seven different angles that are in front of the caster

Description: Forms a large crystal shield that will protect Aki from three incoming physical attacks and any spirtal that is of equal or less power to his own level, if by some means the attack surpass the shield will take out the difference of its cost and the damage to buffer the damage down. After wards the shield shatters into flying projectile like daggers at a the foe, all firing outward separately traveling like thrown knifes each one traveling at fairly good speed and damaging with heavily dark damage should any of the projectiles hit. Even of the shield is broken then it will still send the shards of the attack portion. Should any enemies be caught in close range will the shield if forming they will receive additional damage of medium dark will at the same time being slightly stunned from the crystallization. Can only be used to protect a single side of the caster (front of them or back or either side and only singular for one casting)

History: When Aki was reborn into an Espada he took it upon himself to improve in a more readily style of battle rather then the simply basics. He was decent with the blade and hand-to-hand battle but he soon learned compared to the rest of the other Espada he was a mere amateur, his spiritual power as Aki learned was greater then he expected and he had a certain amount of control over it then it surprised even his superior’s. he decide to work off his strehgn and became good at something such as this to make him stand out on his own.

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Earthbound Protection Empty Re: Earthbound Protection

Post by Sith on Tue Aug 18, 2009 11:31 am


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