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Zane's 'Graphic Arts' Shop.

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Zane's 'Graphic Arts' Shop. Empty Zane's 'Graphic Arts' Shop.

Post by .Zane-kun on Thu Sep 03, 2009 6:41 pm

Zane's 'Graphic Arts' Shop

Here are some simple rules for you to follow on this shop. Follow them and you won't get hurt. Happy

1. No request for Pornography Edits. PM or not, i will report you.
2. All Avatar Sizes must be within the site limits.
3. Signatures must be said in size, because it's not easy following site size.
4. No edits that are sex-related, or anywhere near the 'Ero' states. I'm serious on this.
5. Use the 'Green Text' shown below to request an Avatar/Signature/Banner.
6. Banner Requests need to have their own Picture. A Link or in a spoiler would be nice. Respect others, some people don't have high-tech video cards.


Name: Username/Character Name.
Input: Would you like your Username/Character Name in your edit? (Yes/No)
Request: What kind of Edit would you like? (Avatar/Signature/Banner)
Size: Dimensions of the Edit. (200x150, etc.)
Text: Any Specific Text you want in it?
Text Font: What kind of font do you want? Just Describe it if you don't know the name.
Background(s): Any Specific Backgrounds you want? (Not all pictures qualify.)
Optional: Name anything else you want in your Edit.

[b][u]Text Font[/u]:[/b]

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