A song by request from Kris

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A song by request from Kris Empty A song by request from Kris

Post by Kengen on Tue Dec 08, 2009 11:05 pm

Anyone steals this, ima hunt them down and kick their ass. Dont mess with my work.

Just want to hold you tight
Never let you go never say goodnight
I just want you here by me
Someone who will listen and never leave

Lay your sweet face across my chest
Look up at me and let me feel your breath
I want to feel the breeze of your heart
It might not be much but its more than just a start
Just be yourself cuz im fine with being me
Wipe off my dirt so I may feel clean
But I wouldnt want to taint an angel with my filth
But thats no reason not to share the wealth.

I wana know who you are
Whats the cause of your smile and your reason to live
I wana know who you are
What you need and want
Is there something missin for me to give
I wana know who you are
What you like If you might
Be wondering
Do you wana know who I am
If you do I can help you understand
Do you wana know who I am
Theres no toll to enter my land

That aroma
Makes my mouth water I wana know your taste
What does it matter if Im out of place
No rest for the wicked
But none for the pure when your on my mind
The dark equals peace
Spark of silence Ive crossed the line

Never was one for the cliche
But then why is it so right to say
You're the type I cant describe
No words that fit quite right

Theres not enough that could be said

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