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Post by Tatiana♥ on Sat Jan 09, 2010 8:12 pm

Since I'm sure John will kick a baby before deleting the site, might as well post it, with the guarantee of it staying on. So I've got a few complaints and a few opinions and a few other areas of argument I'd like to touch upon. John loves these, he gets a kick out of trying to argue with me.

Welcome back, by the way, you've been gone for a while. It's always nice to see the owner's face pop up, here and there, and I'm not sure if I want to intend offenses when I say this, but you're exactly like Todd. He goes away for quite a bit, and comes back to announce his reign over the site. Lol, I'm not sure if it's just a coincidence or if you've tried to act somewhat like him, but yeah, that's how I see it. Feel free to correct me, since I can't seem to find any other possibilities. Take it as you will, because I'd think of it as a major insult if it was directed at me.

Unlike my many other arguments and complaints, I can't seem to choose a side. I was quite aggravated when I was informed that you were coming back, probably because you "pulled a Todd." Been on hiatus for who knows how long then decides to take what's rightfully yours back, just because things aren't going the way you never planned.

Then, I see it as a good situation, because to be completely and utterly honest, almost all current BR staff members are ignorant, arrogant and evidently incapable of successfully running a site. Again, feel free to argue with me, I love it. :) But that's my opinion, don't be too keen on changing it. It's how you posed yourself, no going back on it now.

So from this point of view, John and Jace taking over the site is a good thing. Those two guaranteed killjoys (in a mutually-loving way, really, no offense intended) will pick their staff members very carefully to prevent any further troubles in that department. Don't try to prove me wrong, because I've seen it before.

Also, believe it or not, they both are also concerned about what the members think. Something the current staff couldn't give two flying figs about; the chatbox thread being proof. Really, it bothers me to see people of authority here telling members that "they don't care" or other rude stuff that shouldn't be said. And I don't think John ever takes "I'm not doing my job today, so f*ck off people" days, loool. Really, he doesn't. -_- And right now, the only wrong thing that John and Jace did while they had power here would be putting Zane as Espada 0. But now he's vacationing and is dead, so problem solved.

Anywho, that's what I think. Opinions based on the hard truths, so argue if you want, it just makes me happier.

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