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Guide: Evaluations

Post by Bleach Reborn on Sat Aug 06, 2011 6:23 pm

When requesting for a topic to be evaluated, there are certain guidelines that the Evaluation Moderator will follow, and in turn, this will be what your score will be. If you are wondering how much you think your role-play topic will be, take the following into consideration.

Please keep in mind the following rules when requesting an evaluation:

  • You may submit an evaluation three times in one consecutive week.
  • Of those three times, the third time you submit an evaluation you will gain only half of the score you receive.
  • Points you gain may be spent in our Point Shop on anything you desire.
  • You are allowed to stack as many points as you'd like. This means you are not required to spend any of your points if you choose not to.

A topic is evaluated and granted a score is is 1 - 10. With ten being the highest score, and one being the lowest. The following gives insight on what is to be expected and in turn what score will be gained:

RP Expectations
1 - 4
Topics that receive one these scores generally need some work. They are either lacking significant standards for Roleplay (such as following rules, correct spelling and grammar, etc). Typically below average solo topics will be given this type of score.
5 - 6
Topics that gain this type of score are considered average as most will receive one of these scores. Interesting content in the topic, well written, and smooth flowing text are found in these types of topics. Good solo topics or mediocre group topics fall in this category.
7 - 8
Particularly good topics that are interesting, well written and show signs of great thought in each sentence receive this type of score. This score is typical for most seasoned Roleplayers as they exhibit traits of the previous score expectations with much more added.
Those who are given a nine as a score for their topic have shown remarkable talent in writing and roleplaying. Extremely good in terms of creativity, structure, spelling and grammar these topics captivate the readers and set great examples for others.
A ten is only ever given as a score to those who go above and beyond what is expected of the previous scores. In addition to showing perfect prowess in their writing, these people truly work hand in hand with their character and show what it takes to be a master of words.

Special Notices:
Select Moderators will be chosen to read through topics and grant the above scores. We understand that there will be times that you may disagree with the score granted, however there is usually a good reason for getting the score you did. If you question further, please ask the Moderator who granted the score either in our Chatbox or through PM.

You are not allowed to select who evaluates your topic. This is a general rule that helps cut biased actions in the evaluation process.

Keep your eyes open for Randomized Special Evaluations which occur periodically throughout the year. Such instances will always be for your benefit and will always help you out!

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