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Post by Aki on Tue Aug 18, 2009 4:24 am

Technique's name: Mark of the rose

User of the Technique: Aki

Technique Learners: Only Aki can use this power

Creator/ Master: self taught

Skill Level Technique: Advance

Level of Technique Rank: Create different symbols of magic upon and surface that Aki can see with his perception of sight. For this level he can only create four of the five marks.

Description: : Aki creates as a four magical symbol of the flower of love any where he please, any surfaces even in the air or liquids. He can create them all separate when ever he chooses after casting the mana needed for this spell (So for example he can save the use of any of the marks when ever he chooses after its casted) Each rose mark will have different effect depending on their color and their size can vary between as small as a finger nail to as large as and wide as a small house in terms of 2D dimensions. The Espada can also generate any combo of the colors he wishes. The markers remain inactive and on the flied until something touches them or until aki wishes to active the effects of his own will. The marks last the whole rpg if not used and cannot be moved once created. The formation of the marks is a mere few milla seconds and he can choose it with no physical signs other then a slight tint of color in his eyes for the mark he is about to create.
There are Five colors for each rose marker that each have different magic effects.

Red Rose- The red rose will summon to its activation a gusher of vines and thorns from its surface, ensnaring the closest living matter with the power of a human or greater near it in a deathly grip and coil. Squeeze the captive with its incredibly strength and painfully thorns and the clasp will not let go until the matter it has is reduced to sun atomic size. There is 5 meter range limit as the vines will continue to grow until it reaches it limit or captures something and with each passing post it does not acquire a target the mark will double the number of the tentacles projectiles to chase the target at high speeds.

Purple Rose- The purple rose has the special ability of teleporting anything in a flash step fashion that touches in rather non living or living that actives it within a half a mile circumference of the marker which Aki can choose once the rose is active.

Yellow Rose- The yellow rose will create a storm of magical petals that surround the activation targets in a dimension just one dress size or suit size the target. The magic of the rose swirl cage is nearly inescapable from the inside as touching the invisible walls of the cage will cause a painfully feedback of magic. From the outside the cage draws its power from its continents, any attacks placed on it from the outside and the cage will draw power from its insides and use that to defend itself by using the drained spiritual power to strengthen itself, matching the strength of the attack with the amounted need to be drained. If the target inside no longer has magic and the cage can break easily from the outside.

Black Rose- The black rose is the strongest effect and most closely used in terms of Lenneth/Hrist battle style of pure damage. Once activity the mark will combusting into a large explosion of darkness that will not only expand a fourth level blast with a 30 feet radius of damage but will expand three more blast of third level of 15 feet radius at the end of the first explosion.

- as state the weakness of this power is that once the mark is created it cannot move or be recreate after be made once already and further Aki would need to re use the power to make all the marks but before he can he needs to use make all the marks first and once he re-cast this all pervious marks unused will vanish

History: When Aki was reborn into an Espada he took it upon himself to improve in a more readily style of battle rather then the simply basics. He was decent with the blade and hand-to-hand battle but he soon learned compared to the rest of the other Espada he was a mere amateur, his spiritual power as Aki learned was greater then he expected and he had a certain amount of control over it then it surprised even his superior’s. he decide to work off his strehgn and became good at something such as this to make him stand out on his own.

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Post by Sith on Tue Aug 18, 2009 11:23 am


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