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Kyouken Shikyo [6th Division Captain]

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Kyouken Shikyo [6th Division Captain] Empty Kyouken Shikyo [6th Division Captain]

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Basic Information

Name: Kyouken Shikyo

Age: Appears 22, actually 7955

Gender: Male

Division: 6th Division

Seat: Captain

Looks: Kyouken Shikyo [6th Division Captain] Ffxiii_vs_ps3

Personality: An extremely calm, cool and collective individual. Odds are if a person where to meet this person, they would instantly feel relaxed. He can very light-hearted when he needs to be, such as a party or gathering place and will make people laugh if nessecary. Quite a fun person to be around. Complex in nature, those that are close cannot figure out what he thinks are is trying to say at times. Philosophical and extremely intelligent. He is a deep thinker and a person who understands many things

(Depending on your rank, please distribute the amount of stats that you receive within the four options)


Speed: 45
Shikai: 50
Bankai: 55

Dexterity: 25
Shikai: 30
Bankai: 30

Stamina: 20

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Shinikyuui

Zanpakuto Looks: Kyouken Shikyo [6th Division Captain] Reverse_Blade_Katana_Blue

Zanpakuto Description: A very multi-purpose flame. The flames does not only freeze opponents but it can

Tranquil effect: the supplementary and defense ability. This allows the caster (Kyouken) to either increase the morale to his allies. Whichever form it is in; whether it is in its sealed state, shikai or bankai form. It can calm the abilities of the enemy (meaning if one enemy were to release a blast from a shinigami or a cero is aimed at him or another target, his tranquil affect, which is released in the form of either a energy wave or shield, intercepts).

Released Zanpakuto Description:

Physical Freezing: When Shinikyuui release, there is an instant change in the atmopshere. Depending on the level of the opponent and how powerful his reiastsu is compared to Kyouken's, the freezing process would be the same if a human being were to stay in the artic for a very long time. They would first feel themselves getting warmer (hypothermia) before there body begins to feel slower, trying to save energy. It also effects the atmosphere of the current area, regardless of what type of terrain it is (desert, forest, tropical, etc), it effects it to a point where it will begin to snow if the current conditions are right. However, a fire kido type would be able to survive a bit longer than what most shinigami would be able to withstand. Such attacks go as stated

Freezing Flame-Kyouken will swing his zanpaktou releasing a condensed blue flame. It can both push back target(s) because of its extreme force and also freeze parts of the body (i.e sweat or if the person is covered with water, this attack is quite fatal). However, it is limited in direction. The freezing wind can only go a certain path, in which case, if it is a straight path then Kyouken cannot adjust it to move where the opponent moves. This limits the attack if the opponent were to swiftly dodge or counter with another equal strong or powerful spirtual wave. The color of the attack is a dark blue

Flame Wave- Kyouken will swing his zanpaktou towards the ground. The moment the blade touches the ground is where it releases a medium size tidal wave of condensed blue flames going towards the target. The intitial height of the attack is about twenty meters high and fifteen meters wide. It freezes all things it is path but it also has alot of force into the attack. So much so that if the opponent were to side step, completely avoiding the initial attack, the black lash of the wave would also do an intitial hit, forcing the opponent backwards. A smart and wise opponent would initially either use shunpo or sonido to avoid such attack. The color of is a light blue

Molecular freezing: Its main job is to the freeze the vibrations of molecules completely either in a solid, liquid, gas or plasma state. Since a shinigami still has human attitbutes, most of the components would have both solid and liquid states. Again, this is a slow process depending on how much strength Kyouken applies to this ability or how much power the opponent has. However, this ability is limited. Kyouken can only target one of the four states at a time, he cannot do two or more. Hence, if he were to freeze the skin of a target, he could only freeze the skin (solid) then change his attention over to the blood (liquid). The process again is steady, not quick to the touch nor instant. It is used in either the form of freezing frame attack or the flame wave attack and the color of the attack is a cyan color.

Spiritual Freezing: A freezing that is odd in its entirity. Spirutal freezing does intitially what it is titled. The freezing of spirtual things includes one of the more favored abilities is the ability to freeze an incoming spirtual attack (something along the lines of Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshou or a Cero). Some attacks Kyouken cannot freeze due to is vast amount of power (i.e a personalized cero by a high leveled espada or a personalized spirtual attack by a high leveled captain). It is one of Kyouken's favorite attacks for it is more like the tranquil effect instead just freezing the spirtual energy for him to do further research on the type of reiatsu such opponent has.

Another thing that is more of a supplementary type of ability is the make the opponent zapaktou feel extremely cold. The connection between the zanpaktou and the opponents user would make it hard for the the intitial target to react with there zanpaktou. Although it does not cut off the ties of a opponent, it does make it extremely difficult to perform variety of attacks. However, this is only limited to a range. Fifteen meters is the range in where the spirtual freezing is at its peak . Anything farther away the effects are lessen.

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: Calm all universe's, freezing all creation

Released Zanpakuto Looks: The blade itself will disappear but it is replaced with a condensed flame simular to this picture shown Kyouken Shikyo [6th Division Captain] 400_F_6969902_m2NgrqNghe1MVYnXIBqzDdnNYnDT2uQe. The flames itself is not violent and is not very lively. The flames are so condensed that it would almost appear to make the zanpaktou have a blue colored blade.The hilt remains in tact.

Zanpakuto Spirit:Kyouken Shikyo [6th Division Captain] Blue_phoenix_avatar_by_Rhahsid True Form

Kyouken Shikyo [6th Division Captain] Blue-hair-girl-wallpapers_2885_1024
human form

Zanpakuto Realm:
Kyouken Shikyo [6th Division Captain] 20080907-152256-3

Bankai Information

Bankai Description: The abilities from the shikai are also able to be use. Add on abilities go as the following

Calmest Fist: This is the specific basis of the fighting that is mainly used because of the definite increase of speed. It is a style created specifically for his bankai. A martial style that combines different types of martial styles. The basis of the style is a very agressive style of tai chi, combining with the flowing fist techniques of Kung fu, plus the power kicking styles of Tae Kwon Do. He does also a mixture usage of brazilian jujitusu, ninjutsu, Muay Thai and Judo. The intial usuage of this ability is to attack the opponent at close range. When Kyouken makes contact with the opponent, he will instantly feel a sudden jolt of freezing flame coming from his fist. However, it is only limited to just close range.

Tranquil Storm
Blue Phoniex Creation: Forming out of his hand, a bird that represents immortality comes into existance. The phoenix, by default, is created into a very large bird being 20 feet high with a wing span that is 1.5 times its height. However, the phoneix can split u into either two birds that are ten feet tall or many tiny birds. (creation takes one post to assimilate)

The large bird it its entirity can go high into the atmosphere. Depending on what Kyouken telepathically commands it, it can either release down upon its blue energy spheres of flame down at its opponent (if such, the phoneix will have two post before dispersing and Kyouken will have to created another one. The cooldown time is two post) or it can spread its wings out and create blue flame clouds. The The clouds will spread across in all directions. A mile raidus exact. The bird will then disperse immediately therefore and it'll be five post before Kyouken can create another phoneix

Flame Rain: A second part. This can only take effect if Kyouken had used the blue phoneix creation then order it to create the blue flame clouds. When it begins to rain, the rain will then begin to tranquil the opponents attacks (either shikai, bankair or ressurecion). The opponent will not be aware that the attacks are lessen by a 1/3. However, this only last for about two post. The rain will then stop and it'll be a four post cooldown before the rain begins back up again

Blue Hail: Another attack created during the Blue Flame storm is the creation of giant hail pieces falling from the sky. The hail pieces are made completely out of blue flames, meaning that in its path it'll begin to freeze everything in a ten meter radius. It's initial objective is aimed at the opponent but once the hail hits the ground, spreading its flames acorss, it'll begin to consume the freeze all matter around it. Slowly it'll take to have the hail's spreading power freeze matter (four post for everything to be consumed in the initial area) The hail itself comes in packs of seven because of its enormous size (the maximum size is the height and length of a small truck. Therefore, it will be a nothing fired out of the clouds cause it takes a bit of his energy to complete such task over and over again. A favored limit of him using this is only three times.

Blue flame dome: Kyouken will proceed into creating a square prison that looks very simular to the Bakudo spell number 90 but instead of a black box with the hint of purple, it is a dark blue box with a black tint. The dome itself can be used by either the blue flames that he has created or frozen water molecules created from the atmosphere. In any case, both the opponent and Kyouken will be stuck in this dome. The dome itself has created a vaccum of the sort, making it very difficult to breathe. They will have a limited time to fight before either one of them falls over through an unconscious state or death, Kyouken is either defeated or the time limit of the dome has been reached. The dome will be in tact for about four post after Kyouken has created.

Final Move: In a last desperation move, Kyouken will put at least 95% or his current reiatsu amount into either creating a blade that will have one swing left. If the swing makes impact, it'll create a devasting blast that does not freeze but does send both the opponent and Kyouken flying. However, it is just a last desperation move and Kyouken has yet to this move once.

Bankai Looks: The blade will disappear. Kyouken appearance however changes a bit. His arm and parts of his legs (travelling up from his feet to his knees) is covered in the same blue flames that covered the blade part of his zanpaktou. The c lame itself does not flare up violently like the flames of the Ryuuga Jakka. Instead the flame is very condense, flaring up around his when Kyouken wishes to release a sudden surge of blue flames at an opponent. Again, the flame is so condensed that it appears his arms and legs is glowing a very florescent blue. His uniform, once loose on his body, have not constricted into a type of compression suit. The haori (if still wearing) will disappear intitially only remaining whats left of his shinigami uniform. The top layer consider of a compression shirt while the bottom half contains

On his back, large wings created from the same flames that surround his arms. The entirity of his eye has disappears and is replaced with a ever-glowing blue light. When a person looks deep into the eyes, one can see that it is a dim flame that is constantly ignited. His hair even changes from a dark-blue to a very florescent blue. When observed by a very skilled eye or mircroscope, one can see that the hair strands itself are also in flames as well.

Alterations: N/A

History and RP Sample

Birth and Childhood years: A cold arguious night that lone summer evening. The time was about 11:54 in the house of the Shikyo family, the winds that collided with the family castle made the people inside worry that the occuring storm will take till the next morn before it past. The known family who was present in the castle Shikyo Kyouko and Shikyo Meiyo, the recently married couple who had been in the beginning years of the Gotei 13. Kyouko, the leader of the Shikyo clan, a wise and intelligent man who was the captain of the 2nd Squadron and also the first shinigami to be called the "God of Flash" met the lovely and beauty Meiyo (nicknamed Mei), who was also in the same squadron, only she was in a special assassination squad. They were undeniably in love when the two met during a meeting with the captain, vice captain and the little assassination groups that were in the squad. One night, a special night....the young child was conceived during a time of love and passion. The family frowned down upon the desicion of the leader but Kyouko made it so that they were set to be married. It was not long before they were a married couple and were on there way to a live of happiness and glee....or so they thought.

It was 11:57, for about nine hours or so, Meiyo was in labor with her child. The women and the medical staff inside of the room. The medical staff were absolutely baffled by this pregnancy, all this time the type of suppressors that were suppose to douse the pain for Meiyo was strong enough to take down 10 men, but she was still in immense pain. That was one of the issues, another issue was the amount of spiritual energy that was pouring out of her womb, it was powerful enough to, at times, push the medical staff and the women back towards the walls. Meiyo cries out constantly, asking, praying for her baby to be well and that she will be alive during this whole entire fiasco of events. Finally, and exactly at 12:00 midnight, the young baby that has been causing the medical staff and the servant women to be in such a mess finally comes out of the women....but not in tears like a typical child should be, the baby had made a big yawn coming into this world and looks at the doctors, clear eye and all. The medical staff was astounded, the baby was alive and well and the mother was completely tired and was fast asleep, the drugs were now taking effect on her. They were surprise to see that she was alive for the amount of blood and energy that was wasted, could had practically killed her, apparently this baby had saved her life rather than take it. One of the team of medical staff workers walks out of the room towards Kyouko. Wiping the sweat off his face, he informs Kyouko that he has a new baby son. His reaction was not typical as some newfound parents would be. He smiled and walks by the doctor, patting his shoulder as he walks into the room where his lover.....and experimentation was at. He sees her on the bed, sleeping away as the servant women lay the newborn baby into a cradle. His cries were soft and were unheard and as he laid in the cradle, he was fast asleep. Kyouko tells to the women to return back to there orginal positions. They leave the room and leave Kyouko and Meiyo alone. Kyouko walks to the baby and a evil and sunning smirk comes on his face saying "I cant believe it worked.....after all of experimentation worked......and my lover fell for it......". He looks at the baby and whispers in his ear "Your name.....Kyouken.....Kyouken Shikyo....(Death through the Night)....." he kisses the baby cheeks and walks away seeing that his greatest achievement be born come to life

Kyouken, at the ages of two through sixteen in soul society years, began to show his more keen personality traits and his intelligence towards his family members that even Kyouko was surprised to witness through his lifetime. Kyouko, being a scientist and researcher, was a very anaylical person to begin with. He wanted to start his child off at a high level before he went into the training for the soul society. Being the father of anaylist and strategy, he was also very stern and at times cold hearted towards Nokutisu during his training and Kyouko's training was nothing to messed with. A day with Kyouko was a living nightmare for anyone or anything that could even handle it, even though Kyouken was his son, he still considered him a experiment and far away from the loving son. Kyouko would always and no matter what incident train Kyouken in every mental excerise there was at the time for him. Whether it was shogi, go, puzzle games, things that dealt with logical-mathmetical intelligence, spatial intelligence, and kinstetic intelligence, plans to fight hollows at direct spots and which shinigami to use in battle that would help the 2nd division. At one time, at the age of 12 there was a complex computer scrambler sequence that the 12th division had that was considered to be the highest of the highs when it came to information technology. Kyouko came to a bet that the computer could not beat his son when it came to information. The 12th division captain took on that challenge only to lose to the boy. The computer only lost by a fraction to the toddler child Kyouken. It was unknown, at the moment, as to why this child was able to perform such mental task at that ungodly level. Kyouko never revealed to them the secret.

Out of the mental training that Kyouko gave upon his son during his time as the 2nd division captain, the physical training was much more intense than the mental training due to the cruel and unusual nature Kyouko had for his son. Because Kyouko believe that every aspect of the body has to be perfected, physically, mentally and spiritually and physical was probably, in how he saw, the most important part of the three. Kyouko, from sun up to sundown, train the little Kyouken to his limits and possibly beyond that. Kyouko trained him specifically in shunpo and hand-hand combat mutliple times through the years, learning different styles and different techniques from the Shikyo's clans vast collection of styles. He would train him mercilessly through the rough terrains of the soul society, putting him through hell by placing in him the most extreme cases scenarios, such as leaving him in the forest where hollows, at times, were to attack shinigami.

Although at first Kyouken was frighten by these many horrified creatures but there was nothing in his power he could do about it. If he were to run away, his father would beat him and place in a more stressful and dangerous position than he once was before. His father mercilessly demeaned him and made him feel as though he was at times, a dog. This transformed Kyouken's life intially, making him seem lonely and distance from anyone else. He was very quiet and shy towards the family members that lived in the household. The Shikyo family, although knowingly had the suspicion that Kyouko was truly making this child a machine and monster, ignored the fact due to Kyouko being the head and leader of the clan. They did not once make a move to protect Kyouken from his father. But also, they were terrified of Kyouken. They knew that this boy was a monster, a demon child that was spew from the grounds of hades themselves, or so the Shikyo family members thought of him. They avoided him, treated him poorly and demean him as well. Kyouken, a boy who is shy and was at times very soft-spoken, would usually not say anything back or even try to defend himself, he took every demeaning word and took them to heart. It affected him very much as a young child and he felt as though no one could ever love him The only person that ever loved him the most was his mother. She would try desperately to keep in touch with his son but Kyouko would send her on tedious and dangerous missions so he could continue to train him. Even when she could see her son, she was at times sick and disabled due her tired body. But no matter what situation she was in, both Kyouken and Meiyo would do things together regardless of her condition. Kyouken would take care of his mother until she got well, cook food for her, at times cloth his mother. There time together was only short lived as Kyouko saw the attach Nokutisu had for Meiyo. Kyouko wanted Kyouken to be a monster not a loved child, so in terms he had Meiyo disposed of by sending her to a assignment to get rid of a group of hollows when she was in her weakest state. She never came back that day. Nokutisu, now devasted, alone and deprived of anyone, had nothing else for himself or anyone else. He was depressed and almost suicidal....

Shinigami academy arc and beginning shinigami years: Although suicidal and a maniac depressent, Kyouko sent Kyouken to the academy. Hand-to-hand combat and shunpo was not going to help Kyouko's plan in anyway whatsoever if Kyouken is suppose to be involved in it. He would have to learn how to use a zanpaktou, find a proper blade that will help him succeed in it and have much knowledge in kido and just teaching him through his training would not be enough. Nokutisu, although reluctant at first, begins his first day at the academy. It was an odd scene for him really, he was not use to all the people. The hussle and bussle of the academy students life was much more different than his solemn and lone in his home. He was actually....happy. For once, he could be with other people whether they like him or not, he was happy and very excited to be around people but he never truly showed it to anyone. As such, he began his new life off with making new friends, well try to anyways. They all knew that he was from the Shikyo family, the renowned family for their treachours deeds and their speed. They feared that he would try to recruit them into the family for there business as before, they were known for finding academy shinigami's and graduated shinigami's and use them as hired goons and for return they gave them the best finest housing, clothing, foods, women, men, whatever they wanted the Shikyo clan would give them but usually that was short lived for those new shinigami graduates would die as soon after due to their illegal activities.

The academy students did not want to have anything to do with him. During parts of his time in the academy, he was mostly alone. He would dare not to speak unless he was answering a question and when he did speak, it was soft-spoken almost and he would usually have to repeat himself. Because of extreme intelligence range that he had, he would always answer his questions right. During the training excerises, he would at all times, exceed to the highest degree in hand to hand and shunpo. Even when learning kido and kendo, he could easily perform such task without an hassle The students were very jealous of him There were only a few people that actually befriended him were Seichiru Amagai, a teacher there at the academy who saw the powers and potential Nokutisu had dwelled inside of him and both Saito Cheramu and Keppaku Stellum.

Seichiru, the stern yet father-like figure he was, reached out to Nokutisu during his time in the academy. Kyouken would at times teach him about the understanding of people here in the soul society, the human realm, the hollows and more wisdom needed to survive in this world. He knew about Kyouken situation with his father, the 2nd Division capatin and he always knew about the unusual training methods. He saw the results of Kyouko's son from those horrific training episodes. Kyouekn was always fascinated by the wisdom and intelligence Seichur had and knew and he always thought of him as a second father, if not his first father. With the other two friends that he had Keppaku and Saito, he would develop his second, most definte attribute. His calm and cool behavior. He knew the habits of Saito, he was always chasing after the girls around the academy. No matter what behavior that he showed to him, both in public and private, Saito would always convince Kyouken to join him in his cause.

Always reluctant, he decides to join Saito, but to be his back up guy as to if anything were to go wrong, he would be there to back up Saito in any situation given. With Keppaku, it was more of a good friends basis. Kyouken was usually around Keppaku when people in the academy saw them. At times, he would go and try to help Keppaku with his artistic ability, and mostly at times failing because Keppaku would usually lack such canny abilities, but nevertheless it was always enjoyable. After spending a few years in the academy, exceeding all of the requirements, he passed with his class.

After the graduation cermony and the event of that past, he was assign to go into a division. His first pick was to go into the 12th division as his skills in intelligence and wisdom was very high and he would be most likely be a researcher and hopefully the captain. However, the captain at the time did not want the young and inspiring Kyouken to come into the division

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Zanpaktou Arc

The 12th division captain had resentment towards the 2nd division captain due to his inhumane experiment he dealt with his son and possibly killing his wife. Although he had nothing against Kyouken as a sense of personal affairs, he was more terrified of the 2nd captain coming over to dispose of him so Kyouken would obtain his position as 12th captain. Kyouken 'transcript' so to say, was being transferred all around the divisions to see whether he could be placed in a good division. Nokutisu had time really, he was not really in a rush to join a division cause he wanted to train himself more in order to rise through the ranks with ease. He was already masterful in the arts of shunpo and hand to hand, kido was something he liked but was not a true interest, no Kyouken true focus was his zanpaktou.

During his time in as a academy shinigami, he was given his zanpaktou, which was recieved by Seichirou himself. It was a very delicate and probably a beautiful piece of zanpaktou's truely. The blade itself gave off a bluish glimmer that sparkled at day and night, not matter what the cause was. The hilt of the blade was black with a blue-like ribbon wrapped around it to which at the edge of the blade was the ribbon tied together and it longated itself outward which was half the length of the blade. The guard had the appearance of the circle and in the middle of the circle was the kanji sign of "jin". During his time as a academy student and a graduate, he train unmercilessly with his blade from long hours in the day and the night. At times he would due strictly sword conditionings, from day in and day out. At times, he would almost fall asleep in class because of his exhaustion of his sword conditioning and his regular condition. His conditioning was complex and hard, he woke up each and every morning to mediate, he would always clear his mind before anything else in the morning. He would then do 5 set of 1000 push ups and 5 set of 1000 sit up in a two hour time period. When he got done, he made sure he had nutrious breakfast and lunch which consist of fruits, vegetables, beans and soy. When he was done with his time at the academy he would pratice his shunpo and running skills for five hours then he practice his arts in hand-to-hand combat. Then he would mediate again before doing it again the next day. This was his life during and after his days as an academy shinigami, reason being was his strict regiments as a child made his mind strict on things, he was still not use of living it up abit unlike his friend Shunsui, who was a womanizer and a drinker.

During his time off out as a graduate and one day during his strict mediation training, he was then enlighten by the blade in which he was fond to. It was a warm day and night. Kyouken had travelled over to a spot in the soul society that was completely isolated from those from the serietei. It was a large waterfall peak, the waterfall was more than 35 feet off from the pool area in which he would, at times, practice his kido and shunpo. He was sitting in a cave that was underneath the waterfall, the rushing of the water flowed downward made the cave echo like the waterfall. Kyouken was wearing nothing but his lower side of his shinigami robe and a black bandana that he ties around his head. His body was soaked with water and was beat up from the immense training he was doing. His body was aching but he sat there in a mediatation stance, with his hands closed together and his eyes closed. He began to concentrate on the mere fact of the day, his past, his present and his probable future.

It was not everyday that he could come to this isolated spot to actually mediate and train. He always wanted to during his time at the academy but he never had the chance due to the longated days and the heavy training he did close to home. This actually helped him focus on the matters at hand. He was so focus that nothing was able to move his body, that of course until a blue glimmer of light that a shine in the corner of Kyoukens eye made him open them. He looks over and see's what he describes "the most beautiful and yet powerful presence" he has ever seen. It was a small blue bird, in which cased it looked like a phoniex of some sort. It had different shades of blue, both regular, sky, ocean, dark, light and many other blues that Nokutisu could not describe. Nokutisu stands up and walks over to the bird. The bird spreads its wings, which made Nokutisu stop where he was at and back himself up. He did not know what it as until he examine the area in which he stood at. He realize that his blade was shining a simular color to that of the phoniex. He then picks up his zanpaktou and looks back over to the phoniex

"Are zanpaktou....?" Nokutisu said hesistant

"Yes, I am" the phoniex said. It was a womans voice but it was soothing and calm, which made Nokutisu suddenly relax and tranquil. The phoniex than flew up in the air and began to soar around the top of Nokutisu's head "I've been waiting for you, Kyouken, waiting for years for you release me and find me've been stalling I wonder if you truly deserve me as my power will help lend you in all battles. You've been using me around like a regular blade for years now, why dont you want to use me as I am rather than a blunt tool?"

Kyoukenlowers his eyes and head "You are right, I do not deserve the right to even hold you in my hand, I've been trying to use you like a weapon whereas we both come together as one. I am truly sorry and I cannot not ask for your forgiveness and I wish that we can do this all over again, if only I can let us become one with each other...."

"We can, young Kyouken, if you wish it to happen then let it happen. I am your zanpaktou and you are my wielder, if you wish to become one with each other than you must learn to accept yourself as a whole rather than you understand me?"

Kyouken sighes "I wish I do, but maybe you can teach me, im always willing to learn...."

The phoniex smiled "Well then, if you are willing to learn, then I am willing to teach you the skills I can give.....let us train together as one...." her body began to brighten up the entire cave a bluish tint " shall we begin?"

"Yes" Kyouken said "But I must ask, what is your name...I wish to know...."

"You wish to know, but you already know my name. You've seen it many times've heard it many times before...think back...think way back when you were alone. Those times of loneliness, I was there to comfort you"

Kyouken closed his eyes. He begins to think back. The memories were chippy. He couldn't get a good picture of all those times he spent alone and isolated from everyone. He was always scared, always

In an instant, the blue phoniex had disappeared. The cave went back to its dim and almost dark appearance. Kyouken looks at his blade and saw that it was glowing very blue. He raises the blade towards him and closes his eyes. He could sense the power reminating from the blade and could feel the feelings that Kyouken had. It was a marvelous feeling. He takes a deep breath and lets it out as he opens his eyes and smiles. "Lets go...Shinikyuui....."

Bankai Arc

A 200 time skip has taken place after the events of learning the name of his zanpaktou. To Kyouken, it felt just a like a glimpse of time had past. Kyouken yet again attempt to be accepted the 2nd division squadron, despite the refusal of his father, five other captains recommended him to join his division under regards that the other five captains feared for there lives in the presence of the 2nd division captain. Under heavy reluctance, Kyouko let Kyouken in besides the fact that he was his son. Kyouken would had never guessed he would join the 2nd division but he wanted to join the division due to the fact that he wanted to know what happen during his mother and possibly end his father's life. During those 200 years, his desire of hatred and resentment towards his father had increased, so much so that he actually left the house at one time to be off somewhere away from the family. He needed time and space from them, espicially his father. 120 years prior, he found out the facts that it was his own father who lead his mother to her death. There was no autopsy done on the body when they retrieved but the slight signs of her body was that of exhaustion. He knew that she was sick most of her life after she had birth to Nokutisu and now knowing that she died due to the orders of his father made his blood boil. He had all the intentions to go and kill his father, take over the family and start anew. But because their were many flaws to that plan, he had to make many other plans in order to make sure he would be able to sustain balance and order in the family. He knew just killing him would not be as simple, he was one of the renowned and feared man in history. His prowness in shunpo and hand-to-hand was probably the most feared because of their family history. Although Kyouken could probably compete up to him with power and speed, Kyouko had experience on his side. He went through many things with the 1st division captain Yamamoto prior to his birth so he was in the business way before Nokutisu could ever dream off. He knew he had to gain experience either through any unknown source or joining a division. He was at his wits end before he join the 2nd division, he was about to do some unnesscary things to himself that would lend him power to defeat his father but because he join, he took a halt on that mistake

He was placed in a seat during his place in the 2nd division. He was placed in charged of the assasins of the 2nd squadron. It was unknown what happen to the other seated member that was there before Kyouken but he suspected that he was killed by his father. Kyoukenwas assign the most deadliest of missions that was carried out during his time there. He was the most heinous and probably Kyouken most regretted things he has done. One of which was the time extreminations of a certain amount of hollows in the area. The mission was clear, the hollows were considered deadly upon the deadliest, they have taken the hostage of many humans and other shinigami's would were there to investigate and handle the situation. Kyouken and his team dispatches in to annihlate the hollows in the area. When they arrived in the human realm, they scouted for three days before Kyouken gave them the order to go in charge. He knew that going in all of the sudden was the suspicions of the hollows at the moment of there arrival. It made it look like it was just a garganta opening upwards and more hollows coming in. That was one of the many thigns that made Kyouken renowned was for his scouting and spying techniques he taught to his squadron. During the attack that Nokutisu intitated, their was much carnage and blood on both sides. Out of the sixty men that was with Nokutisu during his time, he lost 3/4 of them. Although in the end they defeated the hollows, he lost his men, the other shinigami from other divisions and many humans. It made him feel defeated at the time and he could not cope with that much lost. Although it was apart of his dangerous job, he could not help but to wonder if it was his fault for all the lost of life in that battle. This actually inspired him to train for his bankai as he wanted to protect them.

He knew his skills of shunpo and hand to hand was superior but he wanted to protect those who were weak as well and he knew that him and Shinikyuui would be able to do so, they made a tight connection between the both of them. Both of them had simular personalities, both of them were very calm and cool people, nothing really stressed them out at all. Not even situations were the battle seems loss, there calm and cool demeanor made many of the people like him when he leads cause the seated members were usually stressed and loose there temper when they are handling tough and hard situations. Shinikyuui presence was always known when she appeared. When Kyouken reveals her to everyone, her beauty and power stuns the opponents and at times, her aura itself can destroy a low-level hollow. This was the power of the blue phoniex, Shinikyuui, one of the few phoniex type zanpaktou that. She has control over everything that is water and molecules that has a liquid base to it. Whether its water vapor, ice, rain, snow, frost, was there. She was not as effecient as that in ice as most shinigami think but she was powerful enough to handle other ice enemies. Kyouken did not really rely on her much, despite the strong bond he has with her, during battle, until that battle in which he lost 3/4 of all of his men. He felt that if he did not use her enough to help his fallen comrades and he regrets the loss of them one by one. He suffered from insomina at times from thinking about it. It disturbed him, thinking about how much blood there was on his shoulder. The burden almost destroyed him until Shinikyuui interfered and suggested that the two of them should learn bankai. She felt it was her fault as well and she took just the amount of blame for it as she should had done in the first place instead of him having to carry all of the burden. Deciding that it was the best for them to train, both Shinikyuui and Kyouken went out to train for there bankai

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It was a extremely hot and barren in an unknown place in the soul society. It was simular to the deserts in the human world but more so to a another degree that it was near impossible for any human to imagine, only a shinigami could experience the intense heat that felt like 100 suns piercing the skin and burning them into nothingness. Kyouken was on his face lying on the ground , with his face in the deep, deep sand, as he was down from exhaustion. He had never been this exhausted in his life, not when he was a young child. It was like his body was getting pressed down a the biggest pressing mill imaginable that was on his muscles and bones and was getting heavier and heavier. His muscles were sending out pain all over through his body, almost like ten thousand needles poking it all at once and continously, he ignored most of the pain but some of it was unbearable. He should be dead by now but instead his body just stopped moving. Has he actually reached his limit of potential? He did not believe so, or rather he refused to believe so for he was always push to another limit that he did not have before, but this time.....this time it was much different. It was like both himself and Shinikyuui could not go any further than that Nokutisu tries to budge his arm over to grab Shinikyuui, but it was going so slowly over their. He could not believe he had acheive something that was considered to be the most difficult task to handle. It was only 100 years prior that he finally learn how to use his shikai. For repeated days and nights, he trained only in shikai form, he then began to perfect the arts of ice and created a new style of fighting that allowed him to use water as an ally. It was then where he started to use water and combine it in hand-to-hand attacks that would later ally him in many different battles. Seeing that he was able to master the shikai form of Shinikyuui, it was then now time to try and grasp the concept of trying for bankai. He told his father that he was going to train in the wilderness in order to obtain his bankai. Kyouko wish that he did not want to try to obtain such power but Kyouko knew that if his plan, which is still unknown, were to work then he knew that Kyouken would have to get stronger and stronger in order to accomplish this feeble task. Kyouken knew that his father would let him train cause he had figured out his plan and knew that he would wanted him to go and train to get smarter cause Kyouko probably thought that Nokutisu did not know about his plan. Kyouken was then released from his duties as a seated member and was then set to go train in the wilderness. Kyouken then began to go through the most rigourous training he still believes till this day, was the hardest and the most grueling training in his life. He had never accomplish something like that ever. It was seemingly impossible to try to obtain bankai with such a powerful being. He began to realize that this blade, this zanpaktou, was no ordinary zanpaktou that could just be wield like anything, he began to realize that Shinikyuui was probably much more difficult than trying to master shunpo in its extreme form. It was much more harder, it was 100 maybe 1000 times harder. he lays their....gasping for life and air, trying to figure out what went wrong

As he grasp upon Shinikyuui, she began to glow every so purely that it force a smile on Kyouken face. His other arm began to shake as he struggles to reach over and grab the bottom half of the hilt. On the tip of the blade was Shinikyuui with her blue and beautiful presence. Her claws was stationary on the tip and Kyouken looks up to see her. His vision was blurry and he could barely see Shinikyuui at the tip of her own blade. He tries to reach out

"Ha..have" he barely replies as his voice was dry from the heat and humidity of the area

Shinikyuui did not respond to his question, instead Shinikyuui looks into his eyes.....but as to why she was is still a mystery as of now. Kyouken tries to stare back but his vision began to darken, he could feel his own life slip away, his breath became more shallow, his heartbeat began to slow down....he could hear his own heartbeat which made it all the worst for Nokutisu. He was about to die, all this time he never would had believe that he was going to die. He felt like he has failed everybody, his friends, his comrades who lost there lives, his comrades who are still alive and still wish to follow them. He can see all of there faces with them smiling, cheering him on, hoping that he will suceed and so will they. But the most important person that he felt that he failed the most was his own mother. He knew that if he would die that his plan was just a waste and his father had succeeded in killing his mother. His vision went, this cant be the end of me Nokutisu thought to himself.....he then heard that his heard had stopped and that his body had just shut down. Nokutisu body was lifeless as the dusty and sandy wind blows his body. This was truly the end of Kyouken Shikyo.

Nokutisu now felt like he was floating on top of water, this water felt so refreshing and so pleasant that he felt as though he was in heaven. His eyes were closed but a small smile came upon his face as he feels the water underneath him refresh his body, his mind and his spirit "I havent had a cool and refreshing bath in awhile....this feels really good" he opens his eyes and begins to focus upward into the sky. The sky was clear as blue with a few clouds in the sky, the sun hit his face but it was not hot nor did it irritated him, he actually enjoyed the sun's rays hit his body. It was almost refreshing. He closes his eyes once more before hearing a voice

"Kyouken........Kyouken...." a females voice echoed in his mind. Nokutisu opens his eyes and looks around. He then moves his body to see where the voice came from "KYOUKEN!" in an instant and all of the sudden, standing on top of the water was Shinikyuui, she was much bigger the last time Kyouken saw her. Her wing span and her torso defintely increased majorly, her definte physical appearance has surely change but the one thing that made her so distiguinsh was the bluish colors. It was much beautiful than it was before. Kyouken jumped

"Ahhh!!!" he moves back and bowed his head as he was in the presents of what he called a goddess. "Shini...Shinikyuui, i...i dont know...what to say....all I have to say is that....Im sorry, I didnt wish for this to happen, I just....I just cant do it.."

"Silence!!!" her voice rattle the ocean that Kyouken. The oceans began to become more violent, the sunny skys had disappeared and was now consumed by storm clouds, mutliple storm clouds that covered the entire sky. This was the wrath and anger of Shinikyuui....her powers were not to be toyed with "YOU KYOUKEN SHIKYO....ARE NOW LIFELESS AND ARE DEAD AT THE FEET OF ME!!!!" her voice made the whole sky go dark, it reverberated all around and it made Kyouken shiver in fear. He has never been so scared in his life, well in death, before. This was something new, his head was down, he could barely even look into the eyes of his own zanpaktou as he felt he was nothing to her. Her voice then said again "IN ORDER TO OBTAIN BANKAI, YOU RISK YOUR OWN LIVE IN ORDER TO PERTAIN SUCH POWER AND NOW LOOK AT WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!! YOU'VE DESTROYED YOURSELF AND NOW YOU MUST SUFFER....."

Kyouken still had his head down and his voice became soft spoken "You're right Shinikyuui, I did risk my life, I risk everything to obtain power. I did not do it for us, I did it for myself. I realize now that the reason we did not go into bankai was cause I wanted to obtain more power, I wanted it, I did not need it or deserve it. I only wanted power out of anger, lust, and violence not tranquilty as what you represented, I had so much hate and anger inside of me that I realize that it was not worth dying for.....I wish....I only wish I could start anew....I wish....I wish I did not do this for revenge, but for peace....I dont wanna do something that I'll regret in life...I wish for peace!!"

The seas began to settle down, the sky stopped storming and raining. It was calm and peaceful once again. Nokutisu looks up and sees that Shinikyuui was back to her normal size, or what he percieved to be his nomral, and she has a calm and peaceful look on her face. "This is your resolve.....this is what you had to do in order to obtain the power of had to come to peace with your ownself in order to obtain this could not have any resentment or anger inside of you for my being represents peace and tranquiliy. I see in your heart that you have no longer that rage that you now have tranquility...this is in order for you to complete this, swim are not dead truly just out of commision at the moment my young Kyouken, swim deep into the depths of this water so you can "die" and be "reborn" once again....hurry, I feel as though darkness is creeping up to consume you..... Behind Shinikyuui was a presence, a slimy and slippery presence that began to consume the ocean blue. Shinikyuui looks back seeing it with her own eyes. "Hurry....HURRY!!!!"

Kyouken ducks underwater and begins to swim, he once saw Chinseikyuui's body now it was all pitch black, he just kept on swimming deeper and deeper, he felt as though he was running out of air but that did not stop him, he moved his arms and kicked his feet further and further into the darkness. Was this truly the end of him? He did not want to die, he had so much to live for, his friends, family, comrades, he wish not to go away and never finish what he started. He needed to go and hurry. He knew that his body was at his limit, but that only made him wanna push further and further until he could not even see where he was swimming off to. Finally a light, a dim but increasing its brightness was revealed to Nokutisu, he swam only faster ignoring the pain, ignoring that he barely had any breath and swam towards that light until he was consumed by it.

A gasp of air comes from Kyouken's mouth. He was able to breath again, he pats down his chest as he was now freaking out alittle bit. His breathing was fast but he knew he had to calm down for he did not wanna have to deal with that again. He felt on his clothes, it was all wet and cold. So this experience was not a dream nor a vision, it was reality and Shinikyuui revealed that to him. Kyouken stands up, looking around to find his zanpaktou until he realize that it was in his hand. It was much lighter than before, much much lighter. It was like holding a feather. Awhile ago, when he started out on this devastating trip, it was much heavier and only got heavier every year he was out here out of the sereitei. Now it was much lighter, as though it was apart of his arm really. He grasp the blade with two hands and closed his eyes. "I wonder, will this work? Was this just another dream? Or was this truly real? I have to know....." he takes in a deep breath and began to focus. He began to focus on the stake at hand here. He realize now that this is now or never...that this is it. His spirtual pressure began to increase, the area began to shake due to his immense power. He then opens his eyes, his eyes were completely blue. He slides the blade on his hand and swings it downward then cries out


**1300 years later**
The shinigami of the past seemed to fade away, those who remember Kyouken seemed to have forgotten him. The second division began to change after Kyouken had left, more so the people began to change. The once honored and more respected people of that division began to more cynical, deadly, lust-hungry and dweller in shadows. In the 1300 years when Kyouken had vanish and to train to master his bankai. It was then were he began to grow stronger and stronger through hard work and dedication. Although he had the nesscary skills as a experiment to go faster in training, he decided to hold that power back and go through it the more natural way. He rather train and earn it honorably than through what Kyouken called "cheating". Travelling he began to become more knowledgable of the entire world of the shinigami, he began to travel to deep reaches unknown to sereitei or anyone to the Gotei 13. He experience much more with hollows, humans, shinigami's and even arrancars in which he rarely see's now a days. It was interesting to Kyouken how he dealt with things of that sort but he began to see the change in the shinigami the most. The shinigami had changed its rules, its morales, and more importantly its respect. Kyouken , now much older and much wiser than he was before hand, had heard about the serietei being more liberal than it was in the olden days. It has been exactly 1300 years ever since he had finally reached the power and level of "bankai" with his Shinikyuui. It was then where he started to venture out and continue his quest of peace and tranquility, all the while training his body to its points at all times. He never stop his old habits, it was like he was computer, he can continue to do the most tedious Sitting on top of a tree branch waving his legs back and forth as it swung away, he began to think about how he missed the serietei, he missed being in there to protect the people that believe in him. He missed those days in which he was looked up upon. He could just go back and adventure back in, hopefully they could give him a spot back

"Easier said then done, I wish I could just go back and just hopefully get a seat back in division two, man wouldnt that be awesome....but I kinda like it back here, you know more peaceful, dont have to worry about things and such and just *takes a deep breath and sighes*. But then again, I do wish to do something for the sereitei, I did promise that I would return one know what, Rihatsu?"

"What is it, Kyouken" her voice protrayed outward from the blade. When Nokutisu and Chinseikyuui obtain bankai, she began to come more and more in tune with Nokutisu. When Nokutisu was in battle and he was fighting usually with hand to hand, she would be able to anaylze that opponents strengths and weakness during the battle. Even without Nokutisu touching or even holding the blade, they were both in tune. "Why did you wake me up?" he yawns "im very sleepy"

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Oh please, you should be rested, I rarely use you, ya know?"

"True but you still pratice with me in both shikai and bankai forms, it gets tedious and oh so tiring after awhile"

"Sorry...hey what do you think of this idea?"

"What idea?"

"Of us going back to the know hang out there, maybe try to gain a seat back or even try to gain captain status.....what do you say eh?" he said with a cheery smile on his face. Kyouken sighed as though it was a bothersome to think at the moment

"Well,I guess we could, I mean we have been out and about for awhile, we havent even said hi to your family, I mean, shouldnt you at least see how your family is doing?"

"eh,I suppose, I mean my family never really cared all that much about me anyways. The were always fearful of me, called me demon and would demean me to a point of lowliness. I mean, why should I visit the people who've done that to me. They probably dont even miss me and probably dont even care whether or not I've been missing or not" Kyouken said in a harsh tone.

"Regardless, Kyouken, they are still your family and no matter how they treated you, they are family...."

Nokutisu sighed as he knew it was pointless of him to try and even argue with her. He knew that arguing with Shinikyuui was simular to arguing with a computer, it was completely pointless. He smiled and scratched his head "Alright, fine, I suppose we can do that when we go visit but for now, we go to the Gotei 13 and see what they can give us, eh?"

They both agreed, Nokutisu jumps down from the tree. His appearance and attire was truly of that of a wanderer. He had a grey cloak that covered his body when he was walking and moved away revealing his sword and appearance when he was fighting, running or using shunpo. He appeared scraggy and almost dirty to be honest. He tried to clean himself up but as a wanderer their were not many stores that could freshen him up. In his mouth was a piece of straw that he could chew continously due to his odd obsession of chewing things. He begins to run forward, off into the distance at extreme high speeds. The dust that was leaving a trail behind him made him feel free and whimscle as he runs in the forest. Finally he then perform shunpo, only to appear at the gates in a matter of mileseconds. He catches himself cause he almost slipped on something slippery their. He looks up and see's the large gate that lead into the sereitei. He whistles as the great achievement. He was going to act ignorant really at this moment. He knew he could actually go through the procedure and get into his way through the Gotei 13, but he wanted to see whether or not these new generation will be able to surpass one of the eldest generation. He needed first to cause commotion at the gate so they would have acknowledge him at first. The gate guardian he did not see for some reason, but thats probably because he was resting or taking a break. Regardless, he needed to cause some commotion.

"Well.." Kyouken replied with a lazy smile "here we go..." he tighten his right fist and winds back a bit. His legs gets into a stance. The amount of power and force into this punch would not be able to knock the door down but it would be able to make a loud enough sound so that everyone would be able to hear it. As he was about to make contact with the door, he stops......he was know surrounded by many zanpaktou's, many of which were from the 11th division. Their swords were all pointed at him, hundreds of them. They showed up in the knick of time, otherwise he would've made a loud commotion. He brings his fist back into his cloak and puts his head down. The shinigami waited there until their captain arrived. Nokutisu raises his hands up as a admitance of surrender. He did not want to cause pain among the people cause one, they were weak. The last thing he wants is for him to punch people straight in the face or use any of his martial arts to handle these shinigami. Secondly, even if he did have to face them, he would then have to fight the captain. Thats the absolute last thing he wants to do at the moment. He looks up, but does not open his eyes, he uses his middle finger and index finger to make a peace sign
"Hey, listen guys, we dont need to go all....ya know....killer on me and stuff. Why dont we put down the blades and..." he touches one of the shinigami's zanpaktou's and all of them shouted at him at once, cursing and swearing up a storm. Nokutisu did not know whether to just curdle up or laugh at them, but he had a blank expression on his face. "Ok, well how bout this, why dont you just take me the captains eh? I'm actually a long time seated member for the house of the second division. I wish to speak with the captains as to regard of me being seated back into any division"

"And why should we let you, punk? we should just cut you up into ribbons"

" could do that.....but I rather promote peace than war....Im not in the mood to fight at the moment and besides..." he pulls out an old 2nd division logo out of his cloak and reveals it to them. All of them zoom in on it. "So how bout this....we come to an agreement yes?"

*In the courtroom of the 46 council members*

Before the event that is about to take place now, Nokutisu convinced the hundreds of shinigami who stopped him to take him to the captains. Although at first they were quite reluctant to do so at first, Nokutisu changed his persona to a friendly more agreemble person than his usually quite and calm self so that they would be easily convinced. Finally after sucking up to them, he finally made in contact with the thirteen captains, well for the most of them....there were a few short of captains. It was a great deal of chaos during the times when Nokutisu was gone and about, he found out during his meeting with the captains that his father had died and passed away 600 years back. His family, the whole entire Shikyo family, had disappeared. That made Nokutisu just alittle suspcious of that accusation, that they just left and disappeared. Nokutisu came to the conclusion that the Gotei 13 was getting closer and closer to the actions of the Shikyo family and found out about the illegal activity they perform. For that, they used the divisions to invade and take in the family members, have them killed for there treachery and in the end finished his father off. His father died without even knowing what happen to his son nor did his plan ever took off. In this case, it actually sadden Nokutisu cause he never got a chance to actually say goodbye and tell him that he was at peace with himself and forgave his father. Nevertheless, he could not dwell the past for the present and the future was at stake here. He wanted to bring back order and structure in the Gotei 13. He insisted that he would try to become a captain and plead his case to the the Court.

Nokutisu stands in the middle of the large area in which the 46 members were looking upon him, talking among each other as to why this person is standing amonst them and as to why he wanted to adjoin together them to help the Gotei 13. One of the head members grabs his gavel and slams on the wood in which the meeting was assempled. Nokutisu clears his throat as he was waiting for what might be in store for him when he presents his case.

"Kyouken Shikyo, son of Kyouko and Meiyo Shikyo to the Shikyo clan has sentence us here to today so that he can make a case among us. Kyouken, why in this god-forsaken world shall we allow you to return. Even after you left the Gotei 13"

" Well I've been keeping my eyes and ears aware as to the many things that has happen for the past 1300 years. I've heard that the Gotei 13 has been in a sort of dysfunctional disarray and I wish to come in to bring peace and tranquility among them. Although I was a seated member almost 1600 years and have dealth with dangerous assignments, I do have much experience as to leadership for any division that is available. The more notable is division two. I wish to take that position and make sure there is some type of balance before anything else goes on in the Gotei 13"

"We can agree upon that, the Gotei 13 has been in disarray and in chaos for awhile now. We've kept it in the dark for some time now and it has occured to us that this situation is best at hands with someone of your stature. However....seeing that a man of your stature has left the sereitei, why should we even let you into the Gotei 13"

"Well, my reasons for leaving was to help myself get stronger, I wanted to cast revenge on my father, to be honest. I wanted to kill him for what he has done our family, my life and my mothers life in particular. If any of you knew how I felt upon that, you've would had understand the amount of pain and suffering I was going through. In short, I could not stay here for that pain" the hall began to quietly chatter amongst themselves as to hearing him say that. Nokutisu cleared his voice again "But while living out there in the between realms of the human realm and soul society I've come to terms with that pain, I've made peace with myself and I've achieve many things that some shinigami's would dream to obtain" . He grabs on to Chinseikyuui and takes the blade out. People that remember that blade hold the legend to heart about the blue phoniex, the Shinikyuui, and its legendary calm attributes. It was the complete opposite to that of fire and flames

"My zanpaktou does mean much to me as any zanpaktou means to any other shinigami. I wish to use this blade and myself as your weapon. I wish to help those that may harm the Gotei 13 and even hurt others for there own personal vendetta" he gets down on one knee "It may not mean much to you but dont think about yourselves, think about the people in the soul society"

Current Arc: The decision of the Council decided to spare his life. Although at the time there was a current situation that was involving interal conflicts between the 13 captains.

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Rp Sample #1

Kyouken tied the black shoestrings firmly around his dress shoes with expertise. He had no pride in tying shoes but then again, it was the most useful thing he could do. According to the code of his clan, a tight shoe means better stablity and with better stability, the better it is for one to run at higher speeds. But today wasn't a day for running or a day of fighting. The time for mourning was upon Kyouken, the emotion of lossing an associate and putting him and the love of his life to rest had not overwhelmed him.

He had no words to describe his emotion for there wasnt any emotion for him to even express or even show. This was almost like routine for him; waking up, eating, taking a shower, brushing teeth, put clothes and go to a funeral once in awhile. He would call this part of the job the least of his favorite. He would go to funerals and see the mourners. The people that loved and cared for that individual, go to the gravesite and put to rest the last physical remain of that person's self into the ground where it would go back to the earth as what people are made from these days: Dirt.

He understood the feeling of death now, he understood what it feels like when someone close dies. He understood the minute last feeling a person would have before they die cause he wanted to experience. His job would be very less exciting if he didn't know how he felt like and yet it was routine for him. The cycle would get old very swiftly, putting Kyouken back to square one. Was this any different cause it was someone close to him and his family? Maybe, Kyouken really didn't put any thought into it. Kyouken walks over to a mirror that was just the right height for him. He reached beside to a dressor in the hotel room grabbing a black tie. Smooth as silk as his hands slides up to the middle of tie. He looks in the mirror as he began to do the long and agonizing process of putting a tie on. He had master it before but then he almost forgets how to do so. He kicked himself constantly for not wearing ties more often.

Looking back, he saw a chair that was set beside the nightstand. Occupying the chair was a taller man with short hair like Kyouken but with a more victorian style appearance that was bloody red. An inhumane red that had been dunked in a sea of red oozing blood that was never removed from the coat itself. His boots were long that reach to the mid-shin. His legs were crossed and his mood was grimance. Kyouken turned aorund looking at him as he finish adjusting the tie over his neck. The man smiled as his sunglasses glinted in the sunlight

"What a perfect day for a funeral" the man said "Clear blue skys, just a few scatter clouds spearced across the village with a 100% chance of chaos raining down from the heavens. Tomorrow, a 95% chance of rain that is the color of red of the thousands upon thousands of men, women and children"

Kyouken didn't reply back. He reached over on the bed and grabbed his suit jacket. He puts each arm through the sleeves before adjusting it over himself. He takes the cufflings off the nightstand and places them in the slots created on the jacket. He looks at Chaos "How do I look? Decent, I presumed"

Chaos stands up from his chair and takes a gentle hold on Kyouken's tie. He then mildly adjusts it before smoothing his jacket out but he did it in a slow manner. His gloved hands made Kyouken shiver a bit. He wasn't expecting that although he wasn't surprise the very least that Chaos did such a thing. Chaos hand went up to his lips before Kyouken could speak. "You look wonderful..."

Kyouken smacks his finger away from his hand and turns around "I appreciate the comment, but try not to feel me up. You know how that bothers me and let me say, it bothers me very much so"

"Just enjoying my time outside in this universe then in other ones. I dont know why you let me roam freely in here. Really, nobody in this universe knows me. They dont even know I exist"

"Yet" Kyouken said

"Well yes, not yet. But that person wont even recall what she'll do to herself when I'm finish. She'll have a very enjoyable night, let me tell you"

"Lets try not to have another issue where you take advantage of a person due to your hypnotic abilities. Its fairly sickening for me to see you do that"

"Oh, like your wife will know that you are letting me use the control of your body for me to do things"

"I think she has an idea"

"I doubt it"

Kyouken didn't reply.

"So, when is this funeral starting?"

Kyouken looks at his watch "It's just started. We are late"

"Early to me. The play has yet to start. We are just at the part where the narrator comes out, the lights are shining down on our hero as they begin to depart on a journey. We, as the antagonist, watch the hero during the introduction and await for his the hero to be at there weakest. Thats when we strike"

"Are you really comparing this to a play?"

"More like a movie. Plays, you cant really have any fun there. You pretend. In a movie, you dont have to pretend"

Kyouken took upon silence yet again. He goes over to the mirror. Chaos followed "Are you ready?"

Kyouken gives a ongoing sigh "Ready as I'll ever be..." he looks beside him and Chaos had disappeared lure her in and I'll use my seduction and go in for the kill...

"I really dont like this plan"

What choice do you have in the matter? You said it was my turn to get this plan started and I wanted to do it this way...

Kyouken sighed yet again. He made sure everything was off in his hotel room and exited out his room, closing the door behind him with another person following right beside him

He didn't mind walking to the funeral. Rather, Kyouken liked walking. It was a better approach to go from A to B without moving in less than a nanosecond of a second in time. He could tell it was a funeral. Their was a sparce amount of people roaming the streets. He could imagine those people waiting for the funeral procession go towards the resting place and they would stand atop on the roofs, watching above as two lay to rest. One might say this person was a hero, others a villian. Some might say a friend, a relative, an ally or an enemy. Either way, they were out and they were going to wait.

Kyouken could easily walk past people at this moment. They didnt see him nor could they sense him. He was a ghost to them, a shadow, a reaper of the sort as he glides his way past a few stranglers. Seeing not only the living, but the dead as well. They were roaming around freely. Some appeared to be looking at people either from afar or up close and personal. Others appear to be waiting for something. Kyouken made no note on this. He could easily send there souls into the ongoing point of either heaven or hell but at the moment, he just made sure that not even the roaming ghost could see him. He made sure that no one could see him, hear him or even sense his presence. Like death, he was a lurking shadow waiting for one to fall into the grasp of his black gloved hands.

His arrival to the funeral was later or eariler than he expected. He was just on time. The doors were about to shut close to the area where the funeral was proceeded at. Kyouken walked into the doors just in the knick of time. Even though he could just walk through it, he wanted to get use to walking into open space rather than close space. It would be unnatural when he turns himself into a physical being and he runs into a wall.

He expected a bit less than what he expected. There wasn't any seats for him to sit at. He would've been better if he could sit somewhere but I suppose standing omniously in the corner would be a bit cliche' even for him. The people in the room could feel the presence of death in the room. The feel of mourning returned at full force into this place. Kyouken saw his target, his objective was sitting in one of the rows.

"Lady Hokage...Katsumi..."

He walks over to the rows, walking through people. Walking slowly through people, his eyes were dead set on Katsumi and the assistant sitting beside her. Each of the people that Kyouken passed through, a cold shiver was cast upon them. They felt cold even as the area was warm and the sun had filled it. They could see their breaths. The feeling only lasted for a few seconds but it stuck with them for minutes if not hours or days or weeks. They would remember this feeling. Finally Kyouken reached to the platform where Katsumi was sitting. There was one empty seat beside her. Coincedence? Perhaps. Kyouken sits down. A smile was placed upon his face. He folded his arms and his legs.

He turns his head to Katsumi. His eyes turned acute red and a acursed smile came on his face "My lovely Katsumi...oh how sweet, my love, Katsumi..." Chaos voice said. His hand wondered over to her chin. Katsumi could feel the warm, a sensual warmth on her chin, then on her cheek, then her neck. His hand roamed slowly downward on her body, moving from one spot to another, not missing any spots that might make her move in her seat a bit. His hands moved, wandering all over her. The feeling was definitely comfortable, too comfortable for anyone.

"Feeling a bit warm, Katsumi?" he said. Chaos knew he wouldn't get a response but the reaction on her body will speak to Chaos. "Not the right time for you to feel like this..."

Try not to get too riled up...we are trying to use her, not make her feel hot

"Dont ruin my fun, Kyouken. I want to play with her for awhile"[s/poiler]

[spoiler]Rp Sample #2

It is still bright, the sun had clearly shown no mercy when it was given the oppurtunity to show itself today. Kyoko puts a hand over eyes so that she could recieve shade from her eyes. The sweat dripped down from her forehead down her cheek and down her neck. She was breathing a bit heavily but she had no reason to breathe in such a manner. She lean her hands back on the semi-warm concrete marble and leans back, swinging her legs on the edge of the roof. She then takes a deep breath and turns her head towards her left side.

There stood a woman who was standing in the same perimeter as herself. Kyoko could make it out that it was the Hokage who had just arrived. Her blue hair was a bit lighter than her own, almost a teal color while Kyoko's hair was almost the complete shade of blue. She moves in from the edge of the railing tha she was swinging on and twist her body around. Her heels clicked as she made contact with the ground underneath her. She wipes off her hands and walks to the middle of the rooftop.

Kyoko's job was very simple, if anyone were to interupt the telepathic pathaway between Kyouken, Chaos and the Hokage, it was her job to stop any interfering beings that would try to disconnect. Kyoko did not see any reason for her presence. After all, Kyouken's and Chaos's power and ability could easily overwhelm those that would engage in battle with them. However, Kyouken warned Kyoko that they would be intangible, unseenable and untraceable by any being that is alive or dead. She still didn't understand her purpose in all of this but she would listen to Kyouken as a older sister and his shadow spirit.

Her fingers began to move in a wave like fashion. In her hand were wires, wires that could be seen only when the light reflected off it. She was moving in a certain direction, moving, bending, contorting her body so that she could move through the wires. She wasn't trying to be discrete about it, she wanted the Hokage, Katsumi, to know that she was not moving away from the spot that she was in. Kyoko stands in front of Katsumi. Her red eyes meets Katsumi's. She didn't say anything to her at the moment. She just stood and stared at her. In the moment that they were standing, a young man then arrived. He appeared curious, wondering what was going on. He was walking towards Katsumi “Katsumi? What are you doing on the roof of your office? Aren’t you supposed to be at the funeral?”

"Dont move." Kyoko said quickly putting her hand up signalling him to stop walking "The moment you take another step is the moment your body will be ripped, shreded apart by the wires". a bit of sunlight then hit the wire. It was barely noticable at first sight. A doujutsu could see it but sensory would have a difficult time tracing the wires. They were everywhere, surrouding both Katsumi and Kenji. The entire rooftop of the mansion was laced with wires that only a bit of the wiring could be seen since the light from the su was reflecting off the metal. "I wont do anything hasty if you dont try to move from that spot. Cutting then wont work and neither will burning or using any other methods of nature effecting chakra will affect these wires. They cut through everything and anything and so help me, if you move I'll cut through you like a hot piercing knife cutting through meat"

She appeared calm and overwhelmingly cool but her words had a bite, a threatening tone to it. Whoever Katsumi and Kenji thought of her, they could only describe her as a terrorist wanting something in demand. Kyoko looks at Katsumi "To show you how serious I am" she moves her index finger. The wiring aroung her finger glinted. In an instant moment, a small slit arrived on Katsumi's cheek. The blood then dripped down onto the wire before the wire "disappear" out of light of the sun. "Its not difficult, just a small twitch and I can cut through your head"

For the briefest of seconds, time had almost appeared to stoppe. Only Katsumi could hear the breathing of her own self. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. It felt that with each breath, whether slow or fast, it was getting louder and louder to her. What was this feeling? It felt so different from the emotion, the intent she felt at the funeral. A voice, a small laughter, an echo verberated out in Katsumi's mind. It appeared to have echoed around the surrounding area but neither Kyoko nor Kenji could hear or sense the laughter and the voice. Katsumi attention would turn over to Kyoko for some reason. Walking from behind her was a taller man wearing a black suit with a red tie. He was beyond handsome. So handsome that it was scary to believe that someone like him actually existed. He had smiled at her. The smile made a mark on Katsumi. She could only remember that smile, although never seeing it, she could almost recollect herself seeing it from before.

The man walks to Katsumi. He was walking throught the wires, unharmed by the cutting effects of the deadly wiring that Kyoko had placed around the three of them. He was intangiable and this was definitely not good for someone like Katsumi. She could probably only feel the emotion of helplessness and weakness. She could only breath in and out as this lingering man, this monster, slowly walk towards her. He stops right in front of her. He leans downward as his six feet four inch body leans down at Katsumi face. The smile was very coy as he looks into her eyes. He place a finger on her lips. With his other hand, he raises it up and snaps his finger

Time began again. To Katsumi that is. Kyoko had gotten in a fighting stance. Her face was cool but her body movement appeared to have violent like properties. Both her hands were in a fist, the wires could be seen but only barely. The light had reflected off just a bit from the sun. She was only there for support and not to attack anyone unless it was deem nessecary. So far, her job was halfway complete. She looks at Katsumi. She could see Chaos standing in front of her. She smiled. To someone like Kenji, this was an odd occurance. Why would she be smiling at a time like this?

Chaos removes his finger away from her lips. He looks over her shoulder and glances at Kenji. Kenji couldn't see Chaos nor could he even sense his chakra. The only feeling from what he was getting at was a very cold feeling. It could be displaced from Kyoko that the coold feeling was coming from but it was Chaos's death intent that was present. "Isn't he just a handsome fellow no? Kenji must be proud to have a wife like yourself. A woman of your caliber is probably high standard seeing that you are a beautiful woman with features that would make a man cringe out of shock. It would be a shame if he was cut up by Kyoko" he points at her "She is one of the strongest of my family. Compared to your husband, if he were to move an inch, she will not hesistate to cut him into fifty, no 100 little pieces then 100 more pieces. So before he does anything hostile and before I do anything to you, I suggest you tell him to back down and leave"

"I already know what you are going to say. This is a terrorist standing before you, a woman who had just threaten you and your husband. Right there, that is an international crime that is regarded as unexcusable. But look at the situation you are in. This woman has killed countless lives, from genin all the way up to hundreds if not thousands of shinobi of the highest caliber. If he moves, he gets cut up. If you send out signals to shinobi who had followed you, they'll also get cut up as well and I wont be too happy about that" he was smiling. Damn, that smile "Also, you are with child" he places his white gloved hand on her stomach. Right there, Katsumi could feel the heartbeat of the child. She could hear the child crying "What would be worst? Her killing your husband, me killing your child or me killing your men who followed you? Its your choice whether or not you react or not"

He then move a hand over to her chin and lifts it up towards his eyes. Katsumi could see deep in her eyes something that could not be described in words but a reaction for er face. He leans in, thinking that he might kiss her but then moves to her ear and then whispers "If you do as I say, I promise you, no harm will come to your husband and the men who followed. I promise the people at the funeral will not die because of your mistake that you might make. I promise you" his whisper became more seductive and could lure in the devil "I promise that powers and pleasure that will make you think otherwise of your current status"

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Bakudo spells master
1. Restrain (塞, sai?) — Locks a target's arms in place behind their back.
4. Crawling Rope (這縄, hainawa?) — An energy rope entangles a target's arms.
9. Strike (撃, geki?) — Engulfs a target in red light, completely paralyzing them. "Disintegrate, you black dog of Rondanini! Look upon yourself with horror and then claw out your own throat!"
61. Six Rods Prison of Light (六杖光牢, rikujōkōrō?) — Summons six thin, but wide, beams of light that slam into a target's midsection, holding them in place. Referred to as "Six Rod Light Restraint" in the English manga and "Six Bars of Light" in some of the games. "Carriage of Thunder. Bridge of a spinning wheel. With light, divide this into six!"
62. Hundred Stepped Rails (百歩欄干, hyapporankan?) — A rod formed of energy is thrown towards the target before it disintegrates into numerous short rods which are used to pin the target to the surroundings and render them immobile.
63. Winding Binding Chain (鎖条鎖縛, sajō sabaku?) — The target is wrapped from the neck down in a thick chain.
75. Quintet of 1 kan Iron Pillars (五柱鉄貫, gochūtekkan?) — Summons five incredibly tall and thick pillars to pin a target to the ground. "Walls of ironsand, a priestly pagoda, glowing ironclad fireflies. Standing upright, silent to the end."
77. Heavenly Rickshaws in Silken Air (天挺空羅, tenteikūra?) — Transmits messages to anyone within a specific area. In addition to reciting the spell, the user must draw specific markings on their arms, which are animated by the spell to convey the messages. "Black and white net. Twenty-two bridges, sixty-six crowns and belts. Footprints, distant thunder, sharp peak, engulfing land, hidden in the night, sea of clouds, blue line. Form a circle and fly though the heavens."

Hakudo spells master

1. Thrust (衝, shō?) — Pushes the target away from the caster.
4. White Lightning (白雷, byakurai?) — Fires a concentrated bolt of white lightning from the caster's forefinger.
31. Shot of Red Fire (赤火砲, shakkahō?, Red Flame Cannon in the English dub) — Fires a ball of red fire at a target. "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south!"
33. Blue Fire, Crash Down (蒼火墜, sōkatsui?, Pale Fire Crash in the English dub) — Fires a column of blue fire at a target in a similar manner to 31, but over a wider area and with more power. "Ye lord! Mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws."
54. Abolishing Flames (廃炎, haien?) — Fires a blast of purple fire that will incinerate a target completely when it makes contact.

73. Twin Lotus Blue Fire, Crash Down (双蓮蒼火墜, sōren sōkatsui?) — Essentially a doubled version of #33, this spell fires two shots of blue fire with greater potency than the single-shot variety. "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! On the wall of blue flame, inscribe a twin lotus. In the abyss of conflagration, wait at the far heavens."

90. Black Coffin (黒棺, kurohitsugi?) — Forms a box of black energy around a target, which is then pierced by dozens of energy "spears", lacerating the one inside from head to toe. Aizen notes that the spell only reached a third of its destructive potential the one time he uses it, indicating that the spell would be far more damaging at full power. Its appearance and function is reminiscent of a common magician's trick, as well as certain torture devices used during the Spanish Inquisition.

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Finish (I believe)

Ready for either an approval or editing due to errors in application

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Approved. Nice history.

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