Bankai Ability: Summoning of the Lich Miniav12-1 Bankai Ability: Summoning of the Lich Miniav12-1 Bankai Ability: Summoning of the Lich Miniav12-1 Bankai Ability: Summoning of the Lich Miniav12-1

Bankai Ability: Summoning of the Lich

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Bankai Ability: Summoning of the Lich Empty Bankai Ability: Summoning of the Lich

Post by Arthas on Sun Aug 23, 2009 12:34 pm

Technique's name: Summoning of the Lich

User of the Technique: Arthas

Technique Learners: Only Arthas, specific to his bankai

Creator/ Master: Self-learned

Skill Level Technique: Master

Level of Technique Rank: One of the three greater summonings of undead Arthas developed, this is the higehst level of undead summoning he has thus far learned

Description: Arthas summons a mighty undead Kido caster, called a lich. The lich has death kido which are very differewnt from anything alive Kido casters can use. The lich is very physically weak however, and often needs to be protected while it casts, however it also has several defensive abilities with which to protect itself. Its abilities are:

Frostbolt: The lich shoots a powerful bolt of ice from its finger tips, with roughly the strength of a 50's hadou.

Frost Armor: The lich can cast this on itself, and on Arthas. It creates a powerful armor of ice surrounding the target, that protects it from even heavy attacks, however without limiting movement.

Frostbolt Volley: The lich shoots frostbolts out at the area surrounding it very rapidly, freezing everything

Death and Decay: Similar to Arthas' hadou of the same, name, but more powerful as it was originally the lich's who developed this technique. This technique targets an area, and gradually drains the life energy away from enemies as long as the lich is able to channel uninterrupted. If the lich is able to channel in the area for 2 posts or more, while the opponent stands it it, the ability is strong enough to leave even a captain class opponent dead. The disadvantage to this technique is that the lich is left wide open while casting, and if the opponent moves, the area of effect still stays static, making it easy to escape if an opponent is not bound.

Frost Nova: the lich targets an area, which is then blasted with frost energy that ripples outward. this effect is deadly at its epicenter and weakens as it ripples outward. All caught in it, even on the fringes however, will have there feet bound in a powerful block of ice, equal to a level 70 bakudo

Void Zone: This spell creates a void of dark energy under an opponents feet, which if not escaped within a post, errupts in shadow energy strong enough to kill a captain. The area is small, however, and easy to escape from.

Ritual of Northrend: The lich's ultimate, most powerful ability. this technique creates a wide blue ritual circle around the opponent, around 20 yards radius. At several points on the circle are sma,ll ice formations, which continue to grow around the circumference. After 2 posts the circle errupts in frost energy, at the power level of Sindragosa's flash freeze, capable of defeating even the most powerful opponents. if this is used, the lich dies instantly after the effect is completed

lich stats:

Strength: 10

Speed: 5

Accuracy: 45

stamina: 10

History: This a cotinuation of Arthas' other undead summoning ability. Arthas, after discovering Frostmournes ability to raise the dead, began trying to create more powerful undead creatures. This lead to much experimentation, and he found the less creatures he created, the powerful they became. He began trying to focus the full power of the summoning into three individual creatures, and discovered a huge success: The creation of the Lich, The Crypt lord, and The Flesh Golem. These creatueres are the most powerful weapons in Arthas' arsenal.
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Post by Mizaki on Sun Aug 23, 2009 9:05 pm


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