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Point System

Post by Bleach Reborn on Mon Feb 17, 2014 7:38 pm

The point system is rather simple. You are graded on topics and missions during an evaluation on 3 main concepts.

  • Descriptiveness: Basically how easily you paint a scene in an evaluator's head.  Very little description and too much description will earn you 2 points here. Average description will earn you 3 points and above average description will earn you 4. The key is to remember that while description is important, detracting from what is going on to focus on scenery is a bad thing and not being able to adequately describe an action is also bad as well as confusing.
  • Post length: For being under your average word count in your rp sample you will receive no points. For meeting your average, 2 points, for exceeding it 3 points. Push yourself to write as much as you can.
  • Grammer and Punctuation: We understand that sometimes misspelling a word is normal and we forgive that. But, putting a question mark where a period goes, capitalizing a word that does not require it, or just flat out not making sense with what you post is a bad thing. Having 0-2 errors per post average will earn 3 points, having 3-5 will earn you 2, having more will result in no points given.

The maximum you can get in an evaluation of a topic is 10 the minimum is 1 in short, your topic will be graded 1-10 with 1 being the worst.

These points when combined with mission points can be spent to acquire new techniques and gear in the point shop where individual point values will be given to available equipments.
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